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Awesome Zip Line Adventure at Embarcadero de Legazpi

     Hey guys! Sorry been sooo busy lately. Anyway, my friend Kevin was in Legazpi City last weekend and I toured him around a bit. Kevin is the one who introduced me to Jessa Herbal Beauty Soap, the “miracle” soap that we’re bringing to the people of Legazpi, and with God’s grace, to the entire Bicol Region. (I will tell you more about Jessa on a separate post). Anyhow, with the little time that we had, I tried to give Kevin a taste of Bicol. We walked the sunny streets of Legazpi and Daraga (while giving Jessa samples), ate some Bicol food (mostly we ate because Jessa promotion took most of our time, LOL), and yep, before his flight home, we tried the Zip Line at Embarcadero de Legazpi which, by the way, did not disappoint.

The majestic Mayon Volcano as seen from Embarcadero de Legazpi. Took this photo while we
were on our up to the tower of Embarcadero, the starting point of their zip line adventure.

     The 350-meter zip line starts from the 30-meter tall lighthouse of Embarcadero de Legazpi descending all the way to the breakwater across the Legazpi port basin. The entire ride will give you at least 55 seconds of awesome Mayon Volcano view and a unique perspective of the City of Legazpi. The water below the zip line will look a bit intimidating but I assure you that once you’re down the cable, all you will have is appreciation of the breath-taking beauty around you. All for just P150.00.

     Here's one of the photos I took before my turn to zip-line...

Tune Hotel Ortigas: A Review

     It’s been more than a year since my brother and I gave up our apartment in Pasig that’s why now, we rely on friends for a place to stay whenever we’re visiting Manila or – we stay at a hotel which suits our budget. It was in July 2014 when I first stayed at Tune Hotel Ortigas when my brother came home from the US. I’m not really well-versed with hotels. With my previous travels, it’s either I stay with relatives or friends, or the person I’m visiting takes care of my hotel, or it’s my brother who takes care of my accommodation (more likely because he’s with me). Like I mentioned on a previous post, I was browsing last July when my laptop died on me. It was barely 2 weeks after typhoon Glenda and electricity lines have been severely affected in our area. I went to Tune Hotel Ortigas and found out that there’s a huge difference when booking directly at the hotel and booking through online sites like Anyway, the first time I booked through Agoda, I paid approximately P3,500.00 (inclusive of taxes and fees) for 2 days and 2 nights stay at the hotel. I booked on that same day. The second time, I booked a week ahead and paid approximately P3,100 for the same room we had last time (Double Room) and for the same duration (2 days and 2 nights stay), still inclusive of taxes and other hotel fees. Interesting to note, however, that we could have paid a bit less if not for the higher exchange rate that implemented that time. Including all the other fees, we were charged around 69.70 US dollars -- and with Agoda’s exchange rate of P44.45 pesos to a dollar, it converted to P3,100. At that time, the exchange rate at my bank was barely above 43 against the dollar. I've found out just recently, while writing this post, that the same room can be availed at a lesser amount through Will sure to check next time I book a hotel. We all need to be budget conscious. ☺

     Anyway, I’m not sure what areas I’m supposed to evaluate when reviewing hotels, but as far as a common guy like me knows, here goes:

14th Daragang Magayon Festival Grand Opening

     Despite the gloomy weather, the 14th Daragang Magayon Festival officially kicked off in high spirits on Monday, March 24, 2014.  The festival opened with a thanksgiving mass "Misa Sa Daragang Magayon" and the "Daragang Magayon Cheers" at the Albay Astrodome, followed by the ribbon cutting  at PeƱaranda Park. In the afternoon, the Gayon Bicol Festival of Festivals parade commenced in Ilawod, Daraga, Albay and culminated in a showdown at the Bicol University Grandstand. In the evening, a fashion exhibit called "Night of Fashion, Culture, and Tradition" was held at The Oriental Hotel lobby, followed by the Daragang Magayon Concert at the Albay Astrome. The evening also marked the opening of "Rocklakan sa Daragang Magayon," a month long beer-fest with rock bands regularly performing, also in PeƱaranda Park.

Photo by Othelo Padre, grabbed from Governor Joey Salceda's Facebook page.

     Daragang Magayon Festival is an annual month-long celebration in Albay, which, for this year, will be from March 24 to April 30. The festival is celebrated to relive the legend of the tragic love between Daragang Magayon (beautiful maiden) and Panganoron (clouds)[1] as well as to showcase the cultural and tourism wonders of the province.

     Here are some of the sights and fanfare which delighted visitors and Albayanos alike during the Daragang Magayon Festival 2014 Grand Opening Day:

Mig Ayesa and Sophie Sumner Shoots "Phil It Up" in Albay

     I've been following Albay Governor Joey Salceda on Facebook for quite some time now. Aside from his jokes and fairly agreeable point of views, I look forward to his updates on current events. To be honest, if I can't watch TV or listen to the radio, I turn to his Facebook page for entertainment and news -- specially news on weather, LOL! What recently caught my attention were the string of photos showing Sophie Sumner in several of Albay's top destinations.

     -- Upon closer look, I learned that Albay will be one of the places to be featured on a TV show called "Phil It Up."

Fil-Australian rockstar Mig Ayesa and British supermodel Sophie Sumner, hosts of "Phil It Up"
Photo from


     I googled "Phil It Up" and it pulled Mig Ayesa's website, and quite the only site with reliable info about the show too. Turned out, Mig will co-host "Phil It Up" along with Sophie Sumner. Here's what I found further from the site[1]:

Of Churches and New Adventures

     Hey wanderers, what's up?  I owe you guys an apology for not updating my blogs frequently this year. I have several truly valid reasons why I've been away which I've explained on a separate POST. Do click on the link if you're curious as to what I've been doing since my previous updates.

     Anyway, last November 8, my brother left for the United States to embark on a new adventure. He was a bit tensed days before his flight so we've decided to calm his nerves by visiting some familiar churches in our area. I told my brother that he needs to pray for courage and seek for God's blessings before his trip. And so, we spent an entire day going around Albay and was able to visit five genuinely magnificent churches:

Intramuros: Walled City Of Manila

     In my school days, studying history never really appealed to me -- but since I'm good at remembering details, I usually represent my school and my district in History and Culture quiz bees. Yes, I was a brilliant kid and I had such a great start until I lost my way. Ha! Uhm, enough with my lousy attempt to be funny but let me just tell you that even if history is such a serious business, who's to say that we won't be able to appreciate it just as much?

     What's up folks? Thank you for visiting The Pinoy Wanderer. I'm here with a bit of History and Culture up my sleeve so hopefully you can stay around because this is not going to be boring at all. Anyway, I have this long standing invitation from a friend to roam around Intramuros and take photos so I can feature the place on my blog -- but I guess I haven't really found the time. Another opportunity came up when Kev, a good friend, asked if I can post some of his work on my blogs. I said yes. Thus, this post here on The Pinoy Wanderer.

Wensha Spa Pasay Branch

     For wellness and relaxation, Wensha Spa is one of the destinations that comes to mind ever since my brother introduced me to the place back in 2009.  I've visited the Wensha Spa branch in Timog, Quezon City a few times before but it was my first time to visit the Wensha Spa branch in Pasay -- and that's what I'm gonna talk about here on this post.

     Wensha Spa Center Co. Inc. is open 24 hours and offers a range of services such as massage, reflexology, facials, deep exfoliating scrubs and many other skin care treatments.  Their price range starts from P680.00 to around P2,000.00, the last time I checked the information board at the lobby.  Some of the services offered comes with an eat-all-you-can buffet and shabu-shabu, and of course, use of their facilities.

Virgin Beach Resort in Laiya, Batangas

     Hey everybody, what's up?  Summer is definitely extending so don't miss on the opportunity to have fun under the raging summer sun.  Be careful though, do a checklist of the summer essentials so you can keep your cool every-time you go out and play.

     Anyway, I had the chance to jam with Mark and some new-found friends last weekend on their yearly summer getaway held at the Virgin Beach Resort in Laiya, Batangas.

Virgin Beach Resort through the lens of my camera. [Click on the image to view larger size.]

     Mark and I used to work in the same company a few years back and when he transferred to [24]7, we kept in touch through Facebook and BBM.  When Mark invited me to join them last weekend, I thought it's just going to be a small group so I said yes.  Lo and behold, there were at least 10 buses en route to Virgin Beach Resort that day.  But I didn't mind -- the whole idea seemed fun and it was certainly nice to meet new friends.  ☺

Going To The Movies

     Going to the movies is one of the most effective ways to have fun even on the most boring day.  But what does it take to have a successful movie experience?  A few things actually:  a great movie (of course!), your favorite people (if you wanna tug along someone), your favorite snacks, AND! (putting on some heavy emphasis here) -- an excellent movie house.
tags: A. Bichara Silverscreens Cinema review
A. Bichara Silverscreens Entertainment Center
Magallanes corner T. Alonso St., 4500 Legazpi City, Philippines

     I was in Bicol from late March until third week of July and since there was nothing much to do at home, going to the movies on idle weekends has become one of my hobbies.  So folks, let me tell you about one of my favorite movie houses in the country and probably my most preferred cinema in the south.

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