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Avocado and Orange Salad

     Whenever my brother and I would find something amusing or interesting, we make the effort to always share it with one another. It could be a hilarious YouTube video, a good book, an addicting TV series, a nice shirt, an excellent restaurant -- or in this case, a new salad recipe.

Avocado and Orange Salad Recipe
My brother did the plating, he's getting good at it. LOL
     Hello and welcome to The Pinoy Wanderer Cooking Show, LOL! This time, I would like to share this salad recipe that my brother taught me how to prepare two weeks ago and which I think would be a nice addition to your list of favorite appetizer salads. The contrasting tangy taste of orange, the smooth, subtle flavor of the avocado, the crispy vegetables, and the the crunchy croutons make an interesting combination that could definitely prepare your appetite before a good meal. Here's how my brother made me do it:

Monsoon Scrambled Eggs with Beef, Oats and Tomatoes

     Being trapped in my apartment because of the monsoon flood have required me to be more creative with my food and what supplies I have left.  Today, I'm gonna share with you guys my scrambled eggs recipe that I have named after the flood which brought havoc to Metro Manila.

The Pinoy Wanderer's Habagat Scrambled Eggs Recipe
"Monsoon" Scrambled Eggs with Ground Beef, Oats and Tomatoes


For the Ground Beef Adobo:
1/4 kilo Ground beef[1]
Oil for sautéing
5 cloves garlic, minced[2]
1/8 cup chopped kinchay
Soy sauce, salt, and pepper to taste

Fried Rice With A Twist - A Recipe

     Fried rice is a classic Chinese comfort food which is also a very popular Filipino household dish.  Fried rice is normally prepared from leftover steamed rice and many other ingredients (some may be are leftovers too) that are stir-fried in a wok.  Through the years, variety of other ingredients have been added to this cuisine to suit culture, necessity and even our mood.

     Here's one fried rice recipe that's worth a try which I found from one of the free recipe booklets that came with my mother's grocery.  Well, I tried and you can see the result.  Mmm!

Fried Rice recipe with a twist!
For the achuete oil:
2 tbsp achuete seeds
5 tbsp cooking oil

Pork and Mushroom in Sour Cream Pasta

     I discovered this recipe many many years back when my mom and I are finding a new way to cook our pasta for Christmas.  I did a few adjustments to the ingredients and it turned out quite well.  On my birthday month, I'd like to share with you this rich and creamy pasta recipe with a subtle kick of pineapple.

Pork and Mushroom in Sour Cream Pasta:  my version of pasta carbonara
      Here's how to prepare this yummy pasta recipe...

How to Cook Pork Siomai, The Pinoy Wanderer Style

     Earlier today, Jeb and I got hungry.  We've gotten tired of fast food but we're not that keen to spend much just to satisfy our hunger.  So, we decided to cook a dish that's a common favorite, economical and something that we haven't prepared before.  We decided to cook -- (drum roll please) -- pork siomai!

     Folks, this time, The Pinoy Wanderer will attempt to become a cook.  Disclaimer:  I can cook but I'm not really a cook.  I hope that made sense.  Besides, there's always Google, LOL!

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