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Breakfast Buffet at Somethin' Fishy: A Review

      I am not a picky eater.  In fact, my taste buds are really easy to please.  I don't know much technicalities when it comes to food but nonetheless -- allow me to share some of my thoughts whenever I dine somewhere new.

     Earlier today, we went to Somethin' Fishy in Eastwood to try out their breakfast buffet.  Somethin' Fishy has breakfast buffet (P159.00), lunch buffet (P425.00 on weekdays and P525.00 on weekends) and dinner buffet (525.00).  Prices of course are subject to change.  The breakfast buffet, from what I read over the Internet, starts from 12:00 midnight up to 10 AM.  We got there almost 9AM because I woke up late. Boo, haha!

Somethin' Fishy is in Eastwood City Cyberpark, E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave.,
Bagumbayan, Libis, Quezon City

     While we wait to be seated, I noticed that the place is a bit dull.  There's a big fish plastered on the wall facing the entrance and tons of photos showing people with their big catches -- that's all.  Anyway, we came for the food not for the interior. ☺

Sometimes I still wear shades inside a building
so I can observe my surrounding in a non-obtrusive way. 

     The place was buzzing with diners so it took awhile for us to be seated.  We barely have an hour to go and I was kinda expecting the food to be almost gone.  So, check out what we've managed to haul from the almost empty buffet table...

     Plate number 1 contains (I'm trying my best to guess their names, LOL!) pansit guisado, longganisa, bistek tagalog, tocino, pork adobo, sweet ham, fish fillet and lumpia shanghai (spring rolls). 

     Plate Number 2 contains the breakfast essentials:  waffles, pancakes and well, that's dessert (what's left from the kakanin table) called biko or sweetened rice cake.  They still have palitaw (or rice dumplings) but I did not bother to get any.

       Plate number 3 contains: omelet, fried rice, sweet ham and tofu...


     Based on the empty spaces at the buffet table, I think we didn't miss much.  Too bad I didn't get to try their siomai though -- I'm a big fan of siomai with lots and lots of chilli oil.  There's also pansit palabok, but I'm not an advocate so i skipped it. 

     It was a decent breakfast, the choices are great and varied but none that really made a huge impression.  I recommend Somethin' Fishy's breakfast buffet to diners who are budget conscious and to those who aren't really particular with the 'ambiance.'  But if you are, go find another restaurant.  This is not a place for romantic dates, but I think would be awesome for family celebrations or group hang outs.  In fact, I was overhearing happy family chatter and huge group of friends just exchanging stories over a hearty meal.  They're the ones who's making the place fun.  I'm not gonna try their lunch or dinner buffets because when I checked the menu, they are mostly sea foods.  I'm not a fan of sea foods, sorry.  Haha!  But if you are, check 'em out and tell me what you think. 

     By the way, the service is OK.  I did not encounter any rudeness, they were polite and accommodating.  They refill your iced tea promptly and the restroom was fine too.

      Until my next wandering, thanks for reading!

UPDATE (March 2019):  As I was revisiting old blog posts, I found out that this restaurant has closed.  Too bad, I kinda like them.  If you have any update, do let me know.
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  1. ang mahal naman ng buffet dyan, super sasarap ba ang food? Dito sa Asian Grill Buffet eh $9.99 lang ang dinner, kapag Friday to Sunday, unlimited seafood pa, hanggang matae ka na. Ang lunch naman sa mga buffet dito eh nasa 4.49-6.49 lang,oh well...sosyal siguro yang kinainan nyo..

  2. Wow!!! You eat them all? Or those three plates are for you and Jeb? They look yum though. You don't like sea foods? I love them not raw nga lang. LOL! I'm glad you enjoyed it though you're right, don't date a girl there. Dalhin mo sa medyo decent place at ng di ma-TO. LOL!!!!

  3. Hey! You do have another blog pala. Nice. :)

    Anyway, I have to agree with all you said here. Madalas tong tambayan ng tropa namin. Perfect place to kung in a budget ka and want to pig out. Haha. I really miss hanging out here. Thanks for writing this entry. :)

  4. awwww I so miss Eastwood and of course my sister and I favorite place to dine in Something Fishy! The last time we ate there was in 2007 before we left. I can't wait to fly there for a vacation and for sure I won’t forget not to savor the nice food in Something Fishy. Sobrang nakakagutom tingnan yang foods na order niyo!

  5. been here for breakfast, enjoy din.. pansin ko lang na bago is yung sign board nila? parang di ganyan ung dati eh.. hehe

  6. Been there too and ok ung breakfast, sulit na sulit! would love to come back to try their lunch and dinner buffet pero i find it pricey, until I saw their deal sa Metrodeal for their breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet na I think it's sulit. :)

    Here's the link to their deal btw: Somethin' Fishy


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