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Yema Buko Pie and Ube Buko Pie from Nono Bakery: Gem of Sorsogon City

     They have been around for awhile and are known to some people but I think that these gems deserve wider recognition.   I’ve tried several buko pies (this being one of my favorite desserts) and so far, the only two that stood out is Orient Original Buko Pie (from Laguna but they also now have a store in Tagaytay) and just recently, the Ube Buko Pie and Yema Buko Pie from Nono Bakery in Sorsogon City.

Yema Buko Pie from Nono Bakery, Sorsogon City.

     Nono Bakery is located near Sorsogon public market and if it’s your first time to buy, don’t be discouraged by the surroundings on your way to the bakery.  You will not believe that such great tasting buko pies come from that humble, little bakery in the middle of the wet market -- but believe me, you should.

Here’s where they are on Google Map:

Let’s dissect their Yema Buko Pie and Ube Buko Pie:

A slice of Nono Bakery's Yema Buko Pie. Yummm!

     Buko is young, tender coconut fruit and is the primary ingredient of this pie.  It’s good that the three times I sampled their pies (both of the variants), the buko in their pies are just right – not too young to be watery, just young enough to be tender and sweet in every bite. Yema is a combination of egg yolk, milk, and sugar.   Think of it as the less sweet version of a custard pie -- and mix that with young, succulent buko shreds, wow, that sure is a treat.  The crust is good enough too, altho you wouldn’t notice the crust when you’re already enjoying your pie, but it’s there in the background to sort of control the sweetness of the filling.   Finally, a little cheese on top for additional creaminess and a bit of salty taste to balance things out.  All of that together is a mouthful of pure enjoyment and delight in every bite


     Whew, I am definitely running out of adjectives to describe this buko pie!  And that’s just the Yema Buko Pie, they have another variant of this pie that’s totally to die for -- the Ube Buko Pie.  Catriona Gray, in her interviews abroad, constantly describe halo-halo as her favorite Filipino food/dessert.  One main ingredient of halo-halo is ube halaya (or purple yam), and to put that in a creamy buko pie, well, it’s definitely a treat.

Ube Buke Pie from Nono Bakery, Sorsogon City.

     Here is a slice of the Ube Buko Pie from Nono Bakery.  It’s as creamy and delicious as the yema buko pie but the addition of ube gives it a distinct sweet taste that can only come from this root crop.  The color ube (purple) also gives off an appetizing color for this dessert, making it so irresistible.

A slice of Nono Bakery's Ube Buko Pie.  Delicious!

     Nono Bakery’s Yema Buko Pie is currently sold at P220.00 and the Ube Buko Pie is at P240 per box.  It’s nicely packaged in a box and tied with a ribbon.  The staff at the bakery just puts the boxes in plastic bags which is a bit underwhelming for pies with competitive prices and also, not very environment friendly.  They can use biodegradable transparent plastic instead, which are more attractive looking and safe for the environment too. 

     Well, I think it’s all over this post, but if you still haven’t caught the drift, let me tell you again: Yema Buko Pie and Ube Buko pie from Nono Bakery -- they are delicious. If you’re from Sorsogon and you haven’t tasted these pies, go buy yourself a box. You can text them because they deliver if you live nearby. If you are not from the area, try this buko pie from Nono Bakery and bring some home to your family. You will not regret it.

They have their contact number on their posters scattered throughout Sorsogon City.

I asked the staff to pose with my buko pies before they hand them to me.

     That's all for now folks!  Thanks for dropping by my blog.  I still have a few more slices left to enjoy and can't wait to finish them all.  Until my next wandering!
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