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10 Best Ways to Ease Back Pain

     Anyone on the planet is not exempted from experiencing back pain.  A study[1] once revealed that 90% of Americans experience back pain at one point in their lives.  A recent report from CBS News[2] declared a much improved statistics, stating that 8 out of 10 Americans suffer from back pain at one time or another.  The difference on the findings does not really indicate a huge development.  Thus, the struggle against back pain continues -- and on this post, I've put together a list of the known effective ways to fight off or prevent back pain.  Please deal with caution as this is just presented for educational purposes.

10 Ways to Ease Back Pain

     Back pain is that debilitating pain felt in the back which usually comes from the muscles, nerves, bones, joints or structures in the spine[3].  It can have a sudden onset or may be a chronic pain; it can be constant or intermittent, might stay in one place or extend to other areas of the body; it can be a dull discomfort or a sharp, piercing, or a burning sensation.  Back pain can be a cause for sleepless nights or an uncomfortable day all throughout. 

     Whether you are presently waging a war against back pain or trying to prevent it, here are some effective and recent solutions:

10 Ways To Ease Back Pain

1) Inversion Therapy

Inversion Therapy: 10 Ways to Solve Back Pain

     Many causes of back pain is attributed to the natural force that gravity puts to the body.  Inversion therapy claims to reverse gravity's effects by allowing you to hang upside down or at a certain angle using an inversion table.  Inversion therapy allows the body to work with the downward pull of gravity, which will then increase the space between the vertebrae and relieve pressure on the areas of the back that are in pain, such as the discs, ligaments and nerve roots.  Inversion therapy claims to reduce back & neck pain, relieve stress, reduce sciatic discomfort, stretch and relax the entire body and other benefits such as improved posture and improved blood circulation.  Consult with your doctor first before doing the therapy and invest on a quality and trusted inversion table brand if you decide to do so.  

Famous People Who Needed Bankruptcy Attorneys

     Bankruptcy is one of the lowest points in life that many of us can only imagine -- but for some, bankruptcy is very much part of reality.   Bankruptcy can happen to almost anyone and more importantly, it can happen to the best of us.  Example of famed people who have filed for bankruptcy include Kim Basinger, Mike Tyson, and Toni Braxton.

On picture [L-R]: Kim Basinger, Mike Tyson, and Toni Braxton.
Famous people who needed NC bankruptcy attorneys.

What is Bankruptcy?

Wensha Spa Pasay Branch

     For wellness and relaxation, Wensha Spa is one of the destinations that comes to mind ever since my brother introduced me to the place back in 2009.  I've visited the Wensha Spa branch in Timog, Quezon City a few times before but it was my first time to visit the Wensha Spa branch in Pasay -- and that's what I'm gonna talk about here on this post.

     Wensha Spa Center Co. Inc. is open 24 hours and offers a range of services such as massage, reflexology, facials, deep exfoliating scrubs and many other skin care treatments.  Their price range starts from P680.00 to around P2,000.00, the last time I checked the information board at the lobby.  Some of the services offered comes with an eat-all-you-can buffet and shabu-shabu, and of course, use of their facilities.

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