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The Rumor Before Pacquiao-Marquez III

     While Manny is preparing for his  upcoming fight with Juan Manuel Marquez -- he also needs to prepare for yet another bigger fight of his life:  the ANNULMENT of his marriage with JINKEE PACQUIAO.

     According to the news from TODO! Entertainment website, Jinkee decided to annul her marriage with the pound for pound king because of the news scorching the headlines that Manny allegedly fathered a child with a certain Kat Ordoñez.  While we're not certain of the truth of this rumor yet, it can be remembered in a report from ABS-CBN that Manny's friend, Lito Camo, already denied that Manny is indeed the father of Ordoñez's baby.  The news of Manny having a child with Ordoñez caught on press when he and close friend Lito Camo stood as the baby's godfather last September 17 at the St. Francis of Assisi Church.

How to Cook Pork Siomai, The Pinoy Wanderer Style

     Earlier today, Jeb and I got hungry.  We've gotten tired of fast food but we're not that keen to spend much just to satisfy our hunger.  So, we decided to cook a dish that's a common favorite, economical and something that we haven't prepared before.  We decided to cook -- (drum roll please) -- pork siomai!

     Folks, this time, The Pinoy Wanderer will attempt to become a cook.  Disclaimer:  I can cook but I'm not really a cook.  I hope that made sense.  Besides, there's always Google, LOL!

Going To The Movies

     Going to the movies is one of the most effective ways to have fun even on the most boring day.  But what does it take to have a successful movie experience?  A few things actually:  a great movie (of course!), your favorite people (if you wanna tug along someone), your favorite snacks, AND! (putting on some heavy emphasis here) -- an excellent movie house.
tags: A. Bichara Silverscreens Cinema review
A. Bichara Silverscreens Entertainment Center
Magallanes corner T. Alonso St., 4500 Legazpi City, Philippines

     I was in Bicol from late March until third week of July and since there was nothing much to do at home, going to the movies on idle weekends has become one of my hobbies.  So folks, let me tell you about one of my favorite movie houses in the country and probably my most preferred cinema in the south.

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