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ECommerce Solutions: The Business Solution

What is ECommerce?

     Electronic Commerce or ECommerce is defined as the buying and selling of products and services through the Internet or by any electronic means.  When we order pizza online, buy the newest phone through the manufacturer's website (before they even come out), or apply for a job vacancy over the Internet -- that's ECommerce.  Yep, we are active participants of this concept that has re-shaped the way people live and do business.

     Small and big business throughout the world has made ECommerce Solutions a part of their business plan because simply put, it is just the better way to do business.  Having an online portal where you display your products/services so potential customers can check and buy them at anytime they wish to -- is already an advantage against those who don't employ this technology.

Why does having an online website for your business any good?
  • With ECommerce, your business has no geographic limitations.  Anyone in the world is a potential customer.  I personally know someone who sells clothes and stuff to her clients overseas thru her online store.  Awesome, right?
  • It is an extension of your physical company set-up, and what's better is, it's open 24/7.
  • Transactions are done electronically (credit card, debit card, etc), thus easier!  
  • Low operational cost, and there are companies who specialize in Ecommerce solutions, give them a shot.  They will do the task for you.
  • It's easy to start, easy to maintain, and just make sure that you protect the quality of your products and services because once testimonials from satisfied customers pour in, there's nowhere for your business to go but UP.
     And for buyers and clients, Ecommerce is an excellent alternative for shopping because finding, comparing, and then buying products is easy.  You can shop while working inside your office or just hanging out at home, at anytime of the day.  You don't need to go from store to store to get what you need.

     Indeed, the Internet has definitely changed the way people do business, and it's in a good and more satisfying way.  We now have more time to enjoy what matters more in our lives, while increasing our productivity a hundredfold.  ECommerce, whether we like it or not, is a huge part of our system.  Now it's up to us to learn, adopt and make the most out of it.

      Until my next wandering!

*This is a paid post but the opinions and views expressed are entirely my own.


  1. Hey, Myke!
    We are part of this fantastic world... It seems that we are experiencing a science fiction story!
    If we thought about it a few years ago, would be an impossible thing, but today ... Everyone will be moving slowly for these facilities!
    Warm regards from other side of the world!

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  5. There are plenty of online shop today! :)

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  7. Yes, I can say that ECommerce helps a lot in so many ways especially people like me who don’t drive yet. Sometimes when I urgently need to get something and my hubby don't have time to drive me to the store I always turn to online shopping. Thanks for the post and for keeping in touch :-)

  8. Hilfe! Suche dringend eine unbewohnte Insel, irgendwo in Südostasien mit Sandstrand, Hugs Joey

  9. E-commerce is good, it makes life easier and convenient to live. :)

  10. Hi mike, i also have online shop, thats ecommerce solution :D

  11. I think E-commerce is very nice, cz it can be helpful for us...:)

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  14. Buying things online are really in these days. I just hope the shipping would be better. :) If only they could fix the house number problem!

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