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Buko Lychee Salad

     For many of us, the up and coming Christmas season is one of the busiest and happiest of holidays.  It's a time for many things, among others, it's a time for delicious and yummy food and desserts!

     Hey folks, The Pinoy Wanderer is back to share one of the recipes I learned from our neighbor and probably an economical addition to the Noche Buena this Christmas Eve.

My version of Buko-Lychee Salad, got this recipe from the neighbor.
This dessert gives you more chance to enjoy the refreshing taste of buko
with the subtle but enjoyable taste of lychee.

      Read on to find out how to prepare this simple yet delectable dessert...

  • 1 box 250 ml Alaska All-Purpose Cream*
  • 1 can 300 ml Alaska Condensada*
  • 3/4 kilos shredded buko meat
  • 1/2 kilo fresh and deboned lychee or 2 cans 500 g. whole lychee

Ingredients for the Buko-Lychee Salad
**If you wanna use fresh lychee, be prepared to get busy removing the skin and the bone.  And if lychee is not in season, longan is a good alternative.
*Attention Alaska, free advertising for you guys, LOL!

  1. Whip the condensed milk and all-purpose cream.  If you're too lazy to use the blender, just mix them in the bowl, no big deal. ☺ 
  2. Combine all the ingredients and chill.
  3. When serving, you can opt to top it with grated cheese for added flavor.
Simple and easy, hope you guys enjoyed this dessert.  See you on my next wandering!
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  1. This recipe of salad sounds so yummy but buko and lychee are nowhere to find here:-/ Now you make me drool here Myke :-D

  2. Delicious! Love it, Mike! Thank for sharing this!

  3. naman naman.. papa-adopt na talaga ako sayo.. severe na yan ha.. :P

  4. good evening..great site you have here

  5. Looks yummy!! MmMm, Im going to try find the ingredients (Im from spain) I hope i can find them.

    When i can tasted i le toy another comment with my expecience jeje

  6. Hey, Myke!
    You are cruel! ... ahaha
    I tried to make a diet, but as I can, seeing these wonderful things!
    At Christmas I put on weight, for sure!
    I can not resist sweets! ahahaha

    Take care ... My Friend!

  7. looks like delicious =P
    nice article... =)

  8. Gusto ko rin gawin to if I can find fresh buko, yum!

  9. Hi, Myke! You are right! Also I've read the "Da Vinci Code?" ... It is a phenomenal book ... Brown is a magnificent writer!
    To write a book of this nature, it takes a lot of research - amazing!
    Warm regards from other side of the world! Take care!

  10. "turkey sandwich" ... Oh, Yes!
    Certainly I would like very much! ahaha
    Unfortunately, we not celebrate "Thanksgiving" at the Brazil.
    We have many holidays and holy days but nothing like that special date ... Perhaps the closest is even Christmas!
    Warm regards, Friend!
    I'll Be Back!

  11. Hey wanderers, thank you for dropping by my blog. Hope you try out that recipe, it's really gooood! ☺

  12. ยินดีต้อนรับเข้าสู่ประเทศไทย

    1. Thank you! Welcome to the Philippines ☺


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