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Unlimited Coffee and Cakes at The Coffee Beanery

The Pinoy Wanderer is back to talk yet again about food.  But this time it's going to be about desserts.

The Coffee Beanery that we visited is located at the
5th Level of Shangri-la Plaza Mall in Edsa.
     After attending the 5:00pm mass last Sunday at the Chapel of the Eucharistic Lord, the three of us (Hannah, Jeb and myself) headed to Edsa Shangri-la to try out Cravings' unlimited coffee and cakes.  I've been to Cravings with some of my friends last month but we got there a bit late for the unlimited coffee and cakes promo.  (I talked about it on this post).  This time my siblings and I got there earlier so yeah, cakes -- here we come!

A Little Background

     When we got there, I understood that it was The Coffee Beanery who actually owns the promo.  However, referring to it as Cravings unlimited coffee and cakes isn't entirely wrong as they are one and the same company.  According to WikiPilipinas:  The Coffee Beanery started its operations in 1997 as part of the business line of its mother restaurant Cravings.  It started as a coffee bar that was placed inside Cravings outlets to complement the casual dining concept of Cravings.

Unlimited Coffee

Unlimited Coffee and Cakes at The Coffee Beanery is P150.00
     As soon as we were seated and they got what we wanted, the friendly waitress served us with hot and delicious-smelling coffee that we fixed with brown sugar, creamer and steamed milk.  Yep, this coffee is unlimited.  All you need to do is get their attention if you want a refill.

Unlimited Cake

     I'm not sure which and how many variety of cakes they serve but we were able to taste five of them.  Check them out.

Unlimited Coffee and Cakes:  Tiramisu
     The first serving for me was Tiramisu.  Yep, I kinda noticed that they come in small slices but hey, it's unlimited.  You can just ask for more.

Unlimited Coffee and Cakes: Double Chocolate
     Then they served me with Double Chocolate.  This one's a favorite.  After eating this particular slice, I kinda lost track of what I ate next.  Haha!

Unlimited Coffee and Cakes:  Choco Caramel
     I think the third one I sampled was Choco Caramel.  This one's nice too!  I stopped asking for refills after this but I was able to taste what Jeb and Hannah had on their plates.

Unlimited Coffee and Cakes:  Devil's Food Cake
      This one's called the Devil's Food Cake.  We were joined a bit later by a friend and this is the one that has agreed to his liking.

Unlimited Coffee and Cakes:  Choco Pastillas
     This one here is Choco Pastillas.  The slice is bigger because Hannah probably got tired of calling them time and again to refill our plates so she asked for a bigger serving. 

The Verdict?

     I had two cups of coffee and I finished three tiny slices of cake.  I seldom enjoy hot coffee, but this one I did.  Most of the cake agreed with me.  They were delicious, moist (my goodness, I'm trying to recall how my baking teacher describes a good cake) -- uhm, they melt in the mouth?  Haha!  I was definitely satisfied, and they sure made up for it since the last time i was there.  It was a P150.00 well spent specially if you are into cakes.

     The people who attended to us were nice and accommodating.  That's one of the things I consider when going back to places where I dine to spend quality time with family or friends. 

L-R:  My brother Jeb, myself, Israel and my sister Hannah.
      By the way, The Coffee Beanery don't just serve coffee.  More than just a coffee shop and just like their mother restaurant, they have all day meals that I might try the next time I visit them.

     Have you been to The Coffee Beanery and have tried their unlimited coffee and cakes?  Tell me about your experience on the comments' section below.  If you haven't yet, I recommend that you do.

      Until my next wandering.  See ya!
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  1. Hello! Happy thursday I wish my dear friend :)

  2. Gusto ko yata ng unlimited cake

  3. Hello my friend, thank you very much for your visit, happy new day with peace & happiness. Hugs Valter.

  4. Good post. I like coffee during the fall / winter thats when I usually drink it, with a little creamer only please. The cake looks good too, all five slices but as you know I cant eat that. Thanks for tempting me. Lol anyways good post. If I am ever in the area I will check this place out.

  5. Hello! Have a nice day & I wish happy weekend my dear friend :)

  6. Happy weekend dear friend Myke. Thanks for visite. Hugs to you

  7. yum, I would love the unlimited cakes, ang sarap. pero di ako pwede sa coffee, sensitive ako sa caffeine, nag che chest pain ako.. what a sweet day for y'all.

  8. I love tiramisu!! mi grandmother has a great mascarpone cheese and does the best tiramisu i ever taste ;)

  9. I like your blog
    always work creative

  10. Wow.. Unlimited flow of coffee and cake? wondering whether do they have any branch in Robinson's Place Malate Area. Will be staying in Malate this coming January...

  11. Thank you guys for the visit!

    Jericho (16) - I think they have a branch in that mall. Go check it out. ☺

  12. thanks for blogging about this! unlimited cakes & coffee still ongoing better check it out!

  13. BEST FILIPINO FOOD 18) - Thanks for dropping by. I probably will visit TCB again soon. ☺

  14. You may want to check out their official fan page for latest updates and promos -

  15. looks like they're opening a new out let at tomas morato with an event!

  16. This is my favorite coffee shop. I prefer this beanery over starbucks.

  17. The Unlimited Coffee and Cakes promo is back!


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