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Dinner at Cravings

     Hey guys! Welcome to The Pinoy Wanderer's 2nd post!

     Yesterday, after attending the 6:30pm mass at the Chapel of the Eucharistic Lord in Atrium, Mega Mall, I went to Edsa Shangri-La to meet TL and Rye.  Both of them were mentioned on a post from the Show Me Your Look Today blog.  Anyway, Rye decided that we should check out Cravings' Unlimited Coffee and Cakes because he saw this on Jessica Soho's show and it looked promising.

     It was around 8:00 pm when we were seated by the friendly food server.  We told the lady attending to us that we wanted the unlimited coffee and cakes.  We were also a bit hungry so we decided to order some real food before we take on the unlimited coffee and cakes challenge. After-all, cake is supposed to be dessert, and yeah, coffee is good after a sumptuous meal.  When it's my first time in a restaurant, I usually check on their bestseller menu and I also ask for suggestions from the staff.  I don't wanna go wrong with my order and I wanna give them the chance to impress me.

     TL ordered one of my favorite dishes -- Cordon Bleu.  I decided to try on their Sunday's Best Roast Chicken and Rye was about to have the same thing when I suggested that he try the Chicken Tandoori.  By the way, Rye is attending culinary classes every Saturday despite being busy with work on weekdays.  We kinda value his criticism when it comes to food.

(L-R) TL, Rye and myself at Cravings Restaurant in Edsa Shangri-La.
Rye said food servers should also learn photography.  LOL!
     The waitress left after our orders were taken but came back shortly to bring us some unfortunate news.  She also brought someone along to further explain the situation.  The unlimited coffee and cakes is already done for the day because they no longer have cake available except for those who will have their refills.  We were a bit disappointed because that's why we were there in the first place.  We were about to cancel our orders but decided to stay on anyway because we were hungry. 

     Anyway, here's what was served on our table:

TL's order:  Le Cordon Bleu Chicken P385

My order:  Sunday's Best Roast Chicken P320

Rye's order:  Chicken Tandoori P335
     My assessment?  It was chicken, but not that exciting.  I can taste whatever it says it contains (lemon and herbs), but nothing special.  Believe me, I'm no expert on food but I'm not that hard to please either.  TL says his cordon bleu was OK and Rye said his chicken Tandoori was not that exciting as well.  Anyway, I googled a bit more about Cravings and perhaps their real strength is with their baked products.  Oh well, too bad we missed the unlimited coffee and cakes.  *drooling now for cake*

     Have you been to Cravings?  What can you suggest I try just in case I happen to visit the restaurant again?  Let me know on the comments' section.

     Until my next wandering!  Have a great day everyone.
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  1. Aha! Good thing I ordered the right one, bes. Too bad we were late on the unlimited cakes and coffee. Next time na lang. Hehehe...

  2. Been there many times Myke, im not a cake person but i surely can eat 2 - 3 slices of their best cakes. I must say they have really good cakes, texture is great, just delighful.

  3. This looks all very tasteful. I think it is a very good and popular restaurant. With the good food I have my own ideas. By the way, grilled duck and chicken, fried fish and everything from the sea are my favorite foods. I also enjoyed spaghetti, pizza, schnitzel, and Cordon Bleu. Good restaurant, would I visit if I'm in Manila. Coffee and cake is too a good thing

  4. wow congrats sa new blog...haven't explored yet your other blog and now here you are with a new one hahaha

    anyway, been to cravings and i had the parmesan crusted fish fillet, ayos naman, basta sa akin kakaibang lasa ayos hahaha, malay ko lang baka malapit na mapanis kaya kakaiba haha, kidding aside, it's good tho, worth the price. i also had soup and salad unlimited, not sure if they still have this promo.

    nice blog myke.

  5. Nielsen (1) - Haha, yeah right bes TL! I guess you and rye will now officially accompany me to some of my wanderings. ☺

    Josh (2) - Thanks josh!

    Joey and Pim (3) - See you guys here in Manila!

    BatangMangyan (4) - Thanks Kuya Jo! I went to your site and it generated an error. It said that the account has been suspended. I think they still have the salad promo. When we got there it's already 8pm and they told us they close at 930pm. And we were there originally for the unlimited coffee/cakes so we just shrugged it off. We'll probably try that next time. ☺

  6. Rye and I will be honored and glad to accompany you... Pleasure is ours, bes. Hehehe... So when is your next wandering? :p

  7. Haha, thanks Bes! We will schedule our next wandering. See you both soon!

  8. Cravings has good cheesecakes! love them all.. try the kare kare and lao-ya, you'll definitely drool over it! thanks for sharing this experience!


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