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Game of Thrones

     I avoid watching TV series as much as possible because I'm a bit impatient and -- I really don't see myself waiting for days just to find out what happens next in the story.  I'm a bit picky too when it comes to what I watch.  Even if people have good things to say about some shows they've seen, I rarely believe them until I've read some reputable reviews and unless I've seen it for myself.

     Yep, I'm not that hard to please when it comes to food (as I've mentioned on an earlier post) but I choose carefully what I feed my mind with what I read or -- what I watch.  So Imagine my surprise when I started watching Game of Thrones!  The pilot episode kept me on the edge of my seat and I can hardly contain my excitement as I went on to the succeeding episodes.  Among the many things that came to mind while watching the series was that I needed to share this with you guys.  And so, even if this post is tad late, please read on!

Let's Talk About Coffee

     I was not really a coffee lover though I grew up with parents drinking coffee over breakfast.  Those were the times when popular brands of instant coffee are bought in glasses and before you know it, you already have a dozen of them and you use these glasses to serve guests. LOL! 

     When coffee shops sprouted like mushrooms all over Manila, they've become just too hard to ignore -- specially if they give options on how you can enjoy your coffee which is totally different from the way they used to be.

Dinner at Cravings

     Hey guys! Welcome to The Pinoy Wanderer's 2nd post!

     Yesterday, after attending the 6:30pm mass at the Chapel of the Eucharistic Lord in Atrium, Mega Mall, I went to Edsa Shangri-La to meet TL and Rye.  Both of them were mentioned on a post from the Show Me Your Look Today blog.  Anyway, Rye decided that we should check out Cravings' Unlimited Coffee and Cakes because he saw this on Jessica Soho's show and it looked promising.


     Hey guys, my name is Myke and I have been blogging for approximately a bit over a year now.  Blogging was actually my brother's idea to spend spare time productively.  But as I saw him struggle to make the first post and then eventually giving it all up -- I volunteered to help.  Thus, the site SHOW ME YOUR LOOK TODAY was put up last July 26, 2010.  Up to now, the site still exists and still gaining friends.

      Show Me Your Look Today is somehow a fashion blog where I feature myself and people who are close to me.  It does not really focus on how a person looks like nor does it discuss in detail his/her fashion sense, but it sees FASHION as one important aspect of life that we need to attend to at all circumstances.  There's no way I will discuss how someone dresses poorly or inappropriately, but I do highlight a person's attitude or character that somehow makes one more attractive, more amusing, and more interesting -- over and above his/her personal style.

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