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Tune Hotel Ortigas: A Review

     It’s been more than a year since my brother and I gave up our apartment in Pasig that’s why now, we rely on friends for a place to stay whenever we’re visiting Manila or – we stay at a hotel which suits our budget. It was in July 2014 when I first stayed at Tune Hotel Ortigas when my brother came home from the US. I’m not really well-versed with hotels. With my previous travels, it’s either I stay with relatives or friends, or the person I’m visiting takes care of my hotel, or it’s my brother who takes care of my accommodation (more likely because he’s with me). Like I mentioned on a previous post, I was browsing last July when my laptop died on me. It was barely 2 weeks after typhoon Glenda and electricity lines have been severely affected in our area. I went to Tune Hotel Ortigas and found out that there’s a huge difference when booking directly at the hotel and booking through online sites like Anyway, the first time I booked through Agoda, I paid approximately P3,500.00 (inclusive of taxes and fees) for 2 days and 2 nights stay at the hotel. I booked on that same day. The second time, I booked a week ahead and paid approximately P3,100 for the same room we had last time (Double Room) and for the same duration (2 days and 2 nights stay), still inclusive of taxes and other hotel fees. Interesting to note, however, that we could have paid a bit less if not for the higher exchange rate that implemented that time. Including all the other fees, we were charged around 69.70 US dollars -- and with Agoda’s exchange rate of P44.45 pesos to a dollar, it converted to P3,100. At that time, the exchange rate at my bank was barely above 43 against the dollar. I've found out just recently, while writing this post, that the same room can be availed at a lesser amount through Will sure to check next time I book a hotel. We all need to be budget conscious. ☺

     Anyway, I’m not sure what areas I’m supposed to evaluate when reviewing hotels, but as far as a common guy like me knows, here goes:

LOBBY/HOTEL RECEPTION: Check-in time at Tune Hotel is at 2pm. The hotel’s foyer is spacious enough, you can hang out here if you arrived a bit early. There’s also a clean restroom that you can use in case you’re waiting for your room to be ready and you needed to use the loo beforehand. We were there an hour early so we used the free WiFi connection that they have to entertain ourselves. When my laptop’s battery got drained, I used one of the 3 desktops they have at the hotel lobby. On my second visit though, while my brother and I are hanging out, my ankle started itching. My pants are folded and I'm wearing heel socks that's why my ankles are a bit exposed. I thought I just needed to take a shower coz I’m starting to itch but something small flew near my face -- a mosquito. Guys, you gotta get rid of those mosquitoes. LOL!

At the hotel lobby with my brother Jeb, waiting to be checked in...
Tune Hotel's front desk...
This photo was taken on our first stay at the hotel. I accidentally erased some photos of my
most recent visit while transferring them from my camera’s memory card. Darn.
WiFi and computers with Internet connection for hotel guests at the Tune Hotel Ortigas lobby...
HOTEL KEY CARD: You need your key card to get to the floor where you’re staying. Since my brother and I have separate itineraries, we asked for an extra key card which hotel guests can get after depositing additional P150.00. You can get the deposit back when you return the key card on your check-out.
Hotel key card to operate the elevator, open your door…

... and yeah, power up your room.
ROOM: Very clean, smells nice, bed’s nice, room’s a bit cramped but it was organized and every inch of its 14 square meters is well utilized. I could use a few more cloth hangers though coz I’m a pack rat. No telephone inside the room so if you have any concern, you go out and call the front desk using the telephone near the elevators.

Inside a “Double Room” type accommodation at Tune Hotel Ortigas. The two instances that I’ve stayed at the hotel, I forgot to take photos of the room before things got messed up. First, my cam's battery was drained and by the time it was charged, I’ve already messed up the bed. The second time, I was hurrying out to meet some friends so I forgot to take a photo. By the time I got back 5 hours later, my brother already thrashed the room. ☻


There's TV and a good WiFi connection...
It’s amazing how the room was all messed up within 5 minutes that we’re in it. Check out the bed. ☺
ENTERTAINMENT: I’m not sure whether there’s a centralized music (I didn’t check). There’s a flat screen TV and a decent Internet connection. Almost missed an appointment because I got hooked watching YouTube videos. LOL!

TV and Internet kept us entertained when we're just hanging out in the room...

POWER OUTLETS: There’s two: one above the right bedside table and another beside the retractable desk. If you have a lot of gadget, bring one of those handy extension outlets. The hair dryer outside the bathroom door also has a plug-in space for your electric shaver. No power outlet inside the bathroom.

BATHROOM/SHOWER: I like that they have rainfall type shower heads. Hot and cold too, if you want it just right, lever should be in the middle. It floods a bit when you shower for too long. I removed the drain top and it solved the problem. Hair dryer’s outside the bathroom, right beside the full length mirror.

Really tired but couldn't resist taking a #selfie on the bathroom mirrow. LOL!
DINING: No restaurant yet inside the hotel so definitely no breakfast in bed. ☺

HOTEL STAFF: As for any establishment, there are friendly staff, and those that lack the pro-active attitude. The first time I was at the hotel, the lady across the counter wasn't very helpful. Didn't provide any alternative nor display any interest to provide help. Aside from that minor problem, people at Tune Hotel Ortigas are generally gracious and friendly. Even the guy mopping the floor greeted me “good morning” when I was on my way out.

SECURITY: Security cameras at the hotel lobby, hallways and elevators. Security guards manning the main entrance, however, there’s no security guard on the other entrance exiting to Shaw. Fire exit plan behind your hotel room door, fire alarms, smoke detectors and fire extinguishers. Yep, safe.

LOCATION: Conveniently located near Shangri-La Mall, Greenfield District and a few blocks away from Mega Mall. It’s also near Medical Plaza Building where my dentist is (Capulong Dental Clinic) so really convenient for me, too.  There are a few all-day open dining places like Rufu’s Famous Tapa, Chowking and a few convenient stores along the way.

     Tune Hotel says they are “Asia’s Premier Value Hotel Chain.” They have several hotels in the Philippines as well as in England, Scotland, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, Thailand, India, and Australia. In general, I can say that I have enjoyed my stay at the hotel. The rooms are clean, the staff are helpful and friendly, great location, and really affordable. Perhaps, whenever there’s a Tune Hotel near the place I’ll be visiting in the future, I’ll consider to stay with them again. In my humble opinion, they have set my standard for truly budget-friendly hotels.

     You can visit Tune Hotel’s official website:

     Until my next wandering everybody!
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  1. h0wdy...teman lamaku, apa kabarnya semoga sehat selalu.

    review hotel ortigas lengkap dan detail pak...:D

  2. clean indeed! not so much space but sure is problem about it


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