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Parade of Higantes in Daragang Magayon Festival 2014

     The Parade of Giants, a colorful display of over 50 "higantes" representing Albay's mythological creatures, took center stage last March 25, 2014 as part of the Daragang Magayon Festival celebration. The characters on the "Parade of Higantes" were adopted from the book "The Brief Account of Beliefs, Legends, Superstitions and Religion of the Ancient Indios of Bicol" written by Fray Jose Castaño and published in 1885 in Madrid, Spain.[1] Characters such as Daragang Magayon, Datu Makusog, Panganoron, Pagtuga, Linog, Sagugurang, Oryol, Ibingan, Angogolood, and Tambaloslos came in giant papier-mâché sculptures which are over 10 feet tall and paraded from Bicol University (assembly area) to Peñaranda Park.

Giant Anitos (Photo by  Peoalbay Albay Province)

     Here are some of the "higantes" during the parade, photos all taken from Governor Joey Salceda's facebook page:

Ibingan (Photo by Shanti Serrano)

Datu Makusog (Photo by Shanti Serrano)

Dawani (Photo by Shanti Serrano)

Linog (Photo by Shanti Serrano)

Panganoron (Photo by Shanti Serrano)

Daragang Magayon (Photo by Shanti Serrano)

Manalingaw (Photo by Shanti Serrano)

Yasaw (Photo by Shanti Serrano)

Asog (Photo by Shanti Serrano)

Baltog (Photo by Shanti Serrano)

Bantong (Photo by Shanti Serrano)

Handyong (Photo by Shanti Serrano)

Okot (Photo by Shanti Serrano)

Opon (Photo by Shanti Serrano)

Angogolood (Photo by Nikolai Ken Mostoles)

Onglo (Photo by Shanti Serrano)

Tawong Lipod


Oryol (Photo by Shanti Serrano)

Tambaloslos (Photo by Johnry)

     Just like the previous staging of the Higantes Parade, the event was received both with fascination and controversy, specially with the participation and -- uhrm -- depiction of Tambaloslos. Tambaloslos, is “an awkward, lanky, wrinkled black creature, that has long, thin, wobbly legs, hooves and big joints and punished by Gugurang by enlarging its phallus to gargantuan proportions for its promiscuity.[2]” While there's a debate on the proper representation of the character[2] and whether it should be included (or not) in Daragang Magayon Festival's Parade of Giants, the event was undeniably a tremendous success.


     Daragang Magayon Festival, now on its 14th year, have officially opened last March 24 and will continue its grand festivities till the 30th of April. The "Higantes" Parade is just one of the many highlights of the festival. Come visit Bicol and Albay to witness and take part in the grand celebrations.

     That's all for now folks, until my next wandering! Check out this blog for more updates on Daragang Magayon Festival 2014. See ya. ☺

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[2] -

*Photos are from Governor Joey Salceda's Facebook page.
*Thank you to the photographer whose name appear below each photo. 
*Some photos do not have an accompanying credit as there's no name indicated on the album from where they were taken. If they are yours, do let me know so I can thank you properly. Thanks!
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  1. That giant phallus..
    hahahaha! I dont really think its that scandalous. :)


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