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Intramuros: Walled City Of Manila

     In my school days, studying history never really appealed to me -- but since I'm good at remembering details, I usually represent my school and my district in History and Culture quiz bees. Yes, I was a brilliant kid and I had such a great start until I lost my way. Ha! Uhm, enough with my lousy attempt to be funny but let me just tell you that even if history is such a serious business, who's to say that we won't be able to appreciate it just as much?

     What's up folks? Thank you for visiting The Pinoy Wanderer. I'm here with a bit of History and Culture up my sleeve so hopefully you can stay around because this is not going to be boring at all. Anyway, I have this long standing invitation from a friend to roam around Intramuros and take photos so I can feature the place on my blog -- but I guess I haven't really found the time. Another opportunity came up when Kev, a good friend, asked if I can post some of his work on my blogs. I said yes. Thus, this post here on The Pinoy Wanderer.

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A Little Background

     Intramuros, Latin for "within the walls," is the Walled City of Manila which has been the seat of Spanish government in the Philippines during the Spanish colonial period[1] for almost four centuries (1571-1898)[2]. Intramuros served as the base for 3 other governments until the country claimed its independence. Philippines was a British colony from 1762-1764, an American colony from 1898-1943 and 1945-1946, and a Japanese colony from 1942-1945[2]. Each time, they made Intramuros the base of their government in the country.

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Quick Trivias:

  • Because of its strategic location and abundant resources, Intramuros was declared by Miguel López de Legazpi (the leader of the Spanish explorers who first landed in Cebu before coming to Manila) as the capital of the Spanish colony on  June 24, 1571. Eventually, Intramuros became the political, military and religious center of the Spanish Empire in Asia[3].

  • Approved by King Philip II's Royal Ordinance issued in San Lorenzo de El Escorial, Spain, construction of the walls began on 1590 and continued under leadership of different governor-generals until 1872. Since the construction was carried on during different periods and often far apart, the walls were not built according to any uniform plan[4].

  • Intramuros is perhaps the only district of Manila where old Spanish-era influences are still abundant. Intramuros administration is continuing its effort to restore Intramuros to its full glory. There's a plan to complete the perimeter wall surrounding the city to make it navigable through the walkway on top of the walls[5]. Fort Santiago, a defense fortress and one of the many structures of the walled city[6] is now a well-maintained park and a popular tourist destination[5]. Churches and establishments within Intramuros are all remnants of a rich Spanish period in the country.


     Enough with the heavy stuff -- I don't want you getting dizzy with all the dates and the names. Let's get to the fun part: Kev and his team decided to feature Intramuros in a Classic-Gothic themed photoshoot. The purpose is to promote Manila and showcase its rich history and legacy while adding a touch of fashion. Here are some of the photos from that shoot. Take a look.

     Awesome! Anyway, thank you guys for dropping by. It's sort of nice to discuss history this way, don't you agree? For your thoughts and opinion, talk to me on the comments' section below. And yeah, thanks a lot to Kev and his team for the awesome photos. Good job guys! See you all on my next wandering!

       For more of the photos on this shoot, visit Show Me Your Look Today.

Directed by:               Kevin Jeffrey Dorongon         
First Assistant: Cara Aglipay
Wardrobe: Ruby Tuesday Ubales
Make-Up: Bhabie Mingi
Models: Vanessa Rose Dominguez 

Jho Ann Sotelo

Khaled Moradi

Roxanne Jean Ricohermoso

Yana Torres

Jadee Dafielmoto
Assistants: Wilfred Arrobang

Freddie Malinao
*Images on this post are all courtesy of Kevin Dorongon unless otherwise stated. 
*Please do not use the images without permission from Kevin Dorongon.
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