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Of Churches and New Adventures

     Hey wanderers, what's up?  I owe you guys an apology for not updating my blogs frequently this year. I have several truly valid reasons why I've been away which I've explained on a separate POST. Do click on the link if you're curious as to what I've been doing since my previous updates.

     Anyway, last November 8, my brother left for the United States to embark on a new adventure. He was a bit tensed days before his flight so we've decided to calm his nerves by visiting some familiar churches in our area. I told my brother that he needs to pray for courage and seek for God's blessings before his trip. And so, we spent an entire day going around Albay and was able to visit five genuinely magnificent churches:

Avocado and Orange Salad

     Whenever my brother and I would find something amusing or interesting, we make the effort to always share it with one another. It could be a hilarious YouTube video, a good book, an addicting TV series, a nice shirt, an excellent restaurant -- or in this case, a new salad recipe.

Avocado and Orange Salad Recipe
My brother did the plating, he's getting good at it. LOL
     Hello and welcome to The Pinoy Wanderer Cooking Show, LOL! This time, I would like to share this salad recipe that my brother taught me how to prepare two weeks ago and which I think would be a nice addition to your list of favorite appetizer salads. The contrasting tangy taste of orange, the smooth, subtle flavor of the avocado, the crispy vegetables, and the the crunchy croutons make an interesting combination that could definitely prepare your appetite before a good meal. Here's how my brother made me do it:

Intramuros: Walled City Of Manila

     In my school days, studying history never really appealed to me -- but since I'm good at remembering details, I usually represent my school and my district in History and Culture quiz bees. Yes, I was a brilliant kid and I had such a great start until I lost my way. Ha! Uhm, enough with my lousy attempt to be funny but let me just tell you that even if history is such a serious business, who's to say that we won't be able to appreciate it just as much?

     What's up folks? Thank you for visiting The Pinoy Wanderer. I'm here with a bit of History and Culture up my sleeve so hopefully you can stay around because this is not going to be boring at all. Anyway, I have this long standing invitation from a friend to roam around Intramuros and take photos so I can feature the place on my blog -- but I guess I haven't really found the time. Another opportunity came up when Kev, a good friend, asked if I can post some of his work on my blogs. I said yes. Thus, this post here on The Pinoy Wanderer.

Alvi's Albay Cafe

     Since I'm in my hometown almost half the time, I've decided to feature more of the places and destinations in the Bicol region so my readers can get to know the place where I grew up.  I don't really go out a lot when I'm in Bicol but I will do my best to feature places of interest whenever there's an opportunity for such. My first post for 2013 is about a new restaurant in Daraga, Albay which opened last July, 2012: Alvi's Albay Cafe.

Alvi's Albay Cafe at night.
Alvi's is located at Brgy. Sagpon, 4200 Daraga, Albay.
Geographical location courtesy of Google Maps.  (Click the image to enlarge).

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