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Buko Pie from Melgian's Sweets

     My brother was in Laguna a few days ago and brought some pasalubong[1] on his way home.  He was nowhere near our favorite Orient's Buko Pie but he was able to get some buko pie, among other things, from another store.  And since I'm a buko pie fan, I cannot miss this opportunity to compare.

Melgian's Sweets Buko Pie

     Folks, this is the buko pie from Melgian's Sweets.  According to the information printed on the box, it's made from buco, milk, sugar, eggs, flour, margarine, and cheese.

     I checked the ingredients because I was looking for a way to explain why the filling inside looked brown.  Take a closer look.

     It could be the sugar because they've used brown sugar?  Or perhaps the margarine and the cheese?  I don't really know, I'm not a chef.  One thing's for sure though, the dark color gives me the impression that it's not really freshly baked.  However, I ruled out that possibility because Jeb told me that the sales person at Melgian's Sweets told them that the pies are freshly baked and it was indeed still warm when handed to my brother.  Here's another close-up photo of a slice before I took a bite off it.

     My honest assessment of Melgian's Sweets buko pie?  The crust was a bit tough but tastes okay.  It's not the type that crumbles to your bite though.  The filling, aside from the discomfort I felt with the color, tastes acceptable.  The buko inside was not as tender but not that bad either.  It was a buko pie that tastes like the rest of the buko pies.  Nothing extra-ordinary.

     And yeah, I found the packaging a bit funny too. When Jeb got home and handed me the box, I asked him what it was. It could have been a tropical pie, a pineapple pie, or a cassava cake (refer to the image above) and yet, the ingredients are all the same. LOL!


     Melgian's Sweets is in Halang, Calamba, Laguna. Jeb also brought home some Espasol (which tasted really nice!) and uraro cookies (which reminds me of puto seko very strongly) from the same store. From another store, he brought puto seko and 2 bottles of exotic looking lambanog[2]. The lambanog, that I have yet to try when I get back to Manila. Save some for me, brother.  *wink*

     Anyway, thanks for dropping by and leave your thoughts on the comments' section below. See you on my next wandering!

[1] - Pasalubong is a Tagalog word which pertains to the Filipino tradition of a homecoming gift. It literally means "[something] meant for you when you welcome me back."  -

[2] - Lambanog is commonly described as coconut wine or coconut vodka distilled from the sap of the unopened coconut flower.  -


  1. ahoy parekoy! tagal mong nawala ah :D

    ang iffy naman masyado ng kulay nung fillings ng buko pie nyo hehe... normally kasi, white sya diba?

    dapat pala sa Collettes na lng si Jeb bumili ng Buko Pie wahaha... nag free plugging pa lols :D

  2. uu meron nga talagang mas masarap gumawa. hay i miss buko pie tuloy hehe

  3. hahaha. They could have the same ingredients for all pies except that they added buko shreds for this one?hehe. There's this particular buko pie that my mother bought when she went to Laguna. It was no longer fresh as she bought it the day before her flight yet it was so was the best buko pie I've ever tasted.


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