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10 Ways To A Healthy Brain

     Getting healthy and fit is a recurring new year's resolution for many of us.  And as we work towards this  goal, let us not forget the one thing that holds everything together -- the BRAIN.  Read on and find out how you can fuel your brain with good stuff so you can keep it up and running all the time.  Be surprised that most of what's on the list are too trivial yet many people tend to overlook how important they are. 

10 Ways To A Healthy Brain

EXERCISE YOUR MIND  It is said that continuously educating yourself can lessen the risk of Alzheimer's.  So go read a new book, solve some puzzles, or engage in a new activity to stimulate the mind and make it rust free and well-lubricated. 

     Reader's Digest Asia said that learning new information and skills can help keep the brain strong even at a later age.  However, take note that doing stuff that you already know has less benefits as the brain is already comfortable with them.  Instead, try doing stuff that you find complicated and which you don't engage in frequently -- these activities will likely benefit the development of new connections in the brain and make those neurons busy and running.  Getting out of your comfort zone will certainly make your brain happy.

     Why don't you check this word power game from Reader's Digest Asia and try it on for size?  I'm sure some of you will find the game quite engaging. 

EXERCISE YOUR BODY  Regular exercise not only reduces the risk of neurodegenerative diseases but may also help to slow down the course of the disease if it's already existent.  Aside from physical gains, exercise improves energy levels, gives you a sense of well-being (thus reduces the risk of depression and anxiety), improves sleep and therefore, leads to a healthier brain.

*Neurodegenerative diseases  are characterized by progressive loss of structure or function of neurons, including death of neurons.  Examples of such diseases are Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.  (From Wikipedia).
GET ENOUGH SLEEP  Our brain rests when we sleep and we need at least seven hours each day for a fully functioning brain.  Sleep deprivation can adversely affect your brain's health and its cognitive functions -- which refers to your ability to focus, attend to something, organize, plan, decide, calm self, modulate mood, and so on.  Overly sleeping may do more harm than good as well.  It was found out that those who got seven hours of sleep had high cognitive measure scores, while those who had more than eight hours showed lower scores.  The wrong amount of sleep can also age up the brain for up to seven years according to this article.

Getting enough and quality sleep helps many brain functions and it lets you focus more and process new information better and faster. 

INTERACT AND SOCIALIZE  Making friends (and keeping them) presents an overwhelming possibility for new adventures and emotions that are actually stimulating activities for the brain.  Friendship provides the necessary motivation towards activity and involvement.  Engaging in new challenges with friends often helps develop new life roles which presents us with an opportunity to feel appreciated, enjoy life, laugh, and have fun.  To have people around you whom you can call friends is good for you and for your brain.

BE HEALTH CONSCIOUS  Monitor your blood pressure regularly, watch your cholesterol level, and visit your doctor.  Take control of your health and accept responsibility for your body and its welfare.  To keep yourself at your healthiest, maintain regular physical examinations, and follow your physician's advice.

     Also, breathe clean air.  Oxygen is required for proper brain function, as if you don't know.  In fact, the brain uses 20% of your body's total oxygen supply making it the largest oxygen user in your system.  So make your brain healthy by feeding it with clean air.


EAT RIGHT  Eat breakfast.  Habitually missing your morning meals may cause your blood sugar level to drop and that eventually results in brain degeneration in the long run.  But also remember not to pig out because overly eating will eventually lead to atherosclerosis which involves hardening of the brain arteries.  Not only does that lessen your mental power but it also will make you vulnerable to heart attack and cardiac arrest. 

     Also, eat more of brain-health promoting foods rich in Omega-3 fatty acids such as fish, flax seed, and nuts.  Foods with naturally occurring Vitamin E and Vitamin C have an antioxidant effect which is good for the brain.  Folate may also help to reduce the risk of some neurodegenerative illnesses and developmental disorders.  (Read my previous article about foods rich in Folate and Vitamin C).

     Oh, remember to cut down on your sweets too.  Too much sugar increases brain waves thus preventing the mind from thinking clearly.  It also obstructs the absorption of nutrients thus impedes brain development. 

SAY NO TO SMOKING, DRINKING, AND DRUGS  Mood altering substances such as drugs and cigarettes can negatively affect your functioning, lower your motivation, and impair your cognitive processes.  They alter your emotions, which impairs your thinking by reducing focus, attention, memory, and your ability to execute plans.  Smoking leads to multiple brain shrinkage and may even give you Alzheimer's.  It is also one of the leading causes of over a dozen cancers, including lung, oral, stomach, and liver cancer. Not to mention it stains your fingers, teeth and hair, and gives you bad breath.
MEDITATE, TALK AND ARGUE  Think deep -- deep contemplation helps cultivate the brain and prevents it from shrinking.  Talk and argue -- get involved in intellectual discussions because it's one good way to exercise the brain.  Also, don't work your brain when you're sick, it will stress and damage your brain. 

MAINTAIN STRONG CONNECTION WITH PEOPLE  Strengthen your bond with family and friends through constant communication and interaction.  Social isolation is a significant health issue that's been proven to reduce overall health and wellness.  A study even showed that the quality and quantity of individuals' social relationships has relevant connection not only to mental health but also to both morbidity and mortality.  Furthermore, research have proven significantly the relevance of a social network in reducing the risk of dementia.  So to keep your brain at its best, develop and sustain relationships, and just enjoy their company.  Your ability to develop and sustain relationships represents significant health-promoting behaviors such as stress reduction, new learning, and emotional expression. 

HAVE A POSITIVE OUTLOOK AND LIVE LIFE!  Positive attitude plays a significant role in personal success as well as one's ability to recover from illness.  And while filling the air with your positive vibe, give your life a sense of purpose for it is an important contributor to longevity.  If you get bored, discover something new, develop a new skill, or perform a new role.  Set goals and work on achieving them.  Remind yourself to live your life and enjoy it.  Not only will you appreciate how wonderful this life is, your brain will also reap the health benefits. 

*This list was inspired by an article from Reader's Digest Asia
*Facts on certain studies were gathered from the Internet with a link back to the source from within the article.
*Image taken from Google Image search.


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