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Virgin Beach Resort in Laiya, Batangas

     Hey everybody, what's up?  Summer is definitely extending so don't miss on the opportunity to have fun under the raging summer sun.  Be careful though, do a checklist of the summer essentials so you can keep your cool every-time you go out and play.

     Anyway, I had the chance to jam with Mark and some new-found friends last weekend on their yearly summer getaway held at the Virgin Beach Resort in Laiya, Batangas.

Virgin Beach Resort through the lens of my camera. [Click on the image to view larger size.]

     Mark and I used to work in the same company a few years back and when he transferred to [24]7, we kept in touch through Facebook and BBM.  When Mark invited me to join them last weekend, I thought it's just going to be a small group so I said yes.  Lo and behold, there were at least 10 buses en route to Virgin Beach Resort that day.  But I didn't mind -- the whole idea seemed fun and it was certainly nice to meet new friends.  ☺

Hey guys, what's up?  Nice meeting you all!
     Virgin Beach Resort is approximately 2 to 3 hours drive from Manila and sits by the shores of Laiya, adjacent to Sigayan Bay.  The resort has more than a kilometer of white sand beach, though not as fine as Boracay's, it is absolutely clean and the waters are enticingly crystal clear.

Where it's at on the map...
The sand...
The beach...
And The Pinoy Wanderer taking pictures, LOL!
     Virgin Beach Resort is an alternative to your weekend getaway plan and it's just a few hours drive from the city.  They have accommodation packages that you can check out for a hassle-free vacation.  It's also perfect for huge crowds as it was able to entertain the multitude of [24]7 employees including their friends and families.


     So yeah, I was glad to be part of [24]7's Reggae Summer High last May 12 -- and though we spent more hours on the road than on the beach, it was certainly a lot of fun.  Until my next wandering everybody!  Enjoy the rest of the summer!

*For directions on how to get to Virgin Beach Resort, click HERE.
*For more information about the resort, click HERE.


  1. nice place. Mukhang nag-enjoy ka sa Batangas.

    Bakit kaya Virgin Beach Resort ang tawag dun..

  2. Uoohhh nice beach!!! you have lucky to live in a paradise island bro!!! I want this beachs too!!!

  3. Hey, Mike! Beware the sun, because It can be dangerous!
    Do not forget to use a good sunscreen!
    Oh!... Lots of coconut water too!

    Wow .. It seems to have been a very fun day! Very good!
    I think there were many people on this beach, with you ... Enjoying the sun.
    Well... But in this side of Planet... only cold and rainy night!... lol...

    A big hug, my Friend!

    1. Haha, thanks Clark for the reminder! Big hug for you too my friend! ☺

  4. Buti ka pa Myke sulit na summer vacation mo kaingit naman :-)

  5. Nice beach and looks crowded.

  6. been hearing about laiya for so long and love to go there too.. maybe you can tour me there someday.. hahah nice panorama pic u got there.. ;)

  7. greetings from MALAYSIA ^_^ WOW the beach... it's awesome!!

  8. Thanks everybody for the visit!

  9. ganda!!summer lika dito sa amin :)

  10. beautiful beach...............

  11. wiitt wew... ang ganda naman dyan :) parang gusto ko din magbakasyon dyan :)

  12. Wow so nice beach bro... same like Malaysia come to Malaysia...

    1. Thanks! Yes I will come to Malaysia to enjoy your beaches -- well, maybe in the future. By the way, I can't open your profile so I have no way of visiting you back. Just leave your link next time you're here or make your Blogger Profile public. ☺

  13. Maganda talaga ang Batanggas no doubt marami turista dyan. Nakapunta na ako sa Laiya pero hindi dyan sa Virgin resort ibang beach pero maganda rin naman.Nextime pag ngkayayaan ito rerecomenda ko..hehe.. Perfect ito lalo na for weekend getaway. Sana lang maka visit kami dito. Thank you.


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