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Hachiko: A Movie Review

     Also known as Hachiko: A Dog's Story, this extraordinary movie about an unlikely friendship was released in June 2009 and have touched many hearts including mine.  Watching this film can make you a bit sad and at the same time might make you realize that there are things such as loyalty, love, and friendship -- and that all these noble feelings can come from a dog.  (Writing this introduction makes me miss Yassu and Yesha, my dogs.  You might want to read about them HERE).

The Plot

     Based on the true story of Japan's most faithful dog, this movie is an endearing tale of Hachi's life-long devotion to its owner.  The story begins when college professor Parker Wilson (Richard Gere) finds an abandoned dog at the train station and out of the goodness of his heart, took the puppy home.  Not succeeding in finding the dog's owner, Parker and his family finally adopted the dog.  Over time, the two formed an unbreakable bond and shared adventures together.  Hachi developed a habit of walking the professor to the train station every morning and in the afternoon, waits for the professor's train to arrive.  Hachi devotedly waited for Parker every afternoon at the train station even ten years after his master's unexpected death.  Watch this film and see for yourself how one dog's loyalty can teach all of us the true meaning of friendship and love.

Behind the Scenes

Favorite Parts

     When Parker was trying to find Hachi's owner, Parker's Japanese friend translated the symbol on Hachi's collar as 'Hachi' which is Japanese for 'good fortune' and the number 8.  Ken further told Parker:
"Whether you found him or he found you, who's to say?  It's meant to be."      Parker's wife, Cate (Joan Allen), is somehow against Hachi being taken in so it was truly touching when she told someone who's interested to adopt Hachi that, "The dog's already been taken."


     Parker is mystified why Hachi won't do stuff that normal dogs do like fetching a ball.  He then talks again with his Japanese friend and Ken said:
"You want a dog that fetches, you get a Collie, you get a Springer Spaniel.  Akitas are not into people-pleasing.  He comes to the train because he has a special connection with you.  They can't be bought.  If he's gonna fetch, it'll be for a very special reason."

To which Parker responds: "I'll find that reason."      On that tragic day, Hachi refused to walk with Parker off to the station. Parker went alone but Hachi followed and brought him the ball.  He played fetch for Parker somehow knowing it will make his master happy and that it was Parker's last day on earth.

     The saddest and perhaps most touching part was when Cate saw Hachi still waiting at the train station ten years after his death.  I found relief and sense of peace on a later scene where Hachi finally saw his master coming back for him.

The Movie Trailer:

My Thoughts

     Watching the trailer will tell you the whole story, but don't be discouraged to watch the film in its entirety.  This compelling drama of friendship and loyalty will teach you many things that no words can ever express.  The lessons are simple, yet it is amazing to discover them in the most unlikely partnership of  man and dog.  Even the most hard-heartened human being can find a bit of compassion for this movie, because feelings, more than words is felt through actions. 

     Thank you for reading!  If you're a pet lover and you haven't seen this film yet, I strongly suggest you do.  If you've already done so, do tell me what you think on the comments' section below.  See you on my next wandering!
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*More information about Hachiko: A Dog's Tale from Wikipedia.
*Read the story of the real life Hachikō from where this movie was based.
*Image taken from Google Image search.
*Videos were taken from YouTube. 


  1. Oh! I miss this movie! Do you know that it made me cry many times especially the scene when Hachiko started to feel sad why his master wasn't coming out of the train station at all. To think, that he did that, waiting for no one for years! Di ba? So touching and nakakaiyak talaga? After watching, i saw myself searching about it on wikipedia para lang makita yung itsura nung dog sa real life. This is one of my favorite talaga.

    Nice review nga pala! I love the behind the scenes!

    Come see my latest review too!

    1. Thanks for the visit ma'am Rona. ☺

  2. i have a copy of this... such a touching movie.. :( but hachi showed how a man's bestfriend could be, and is really wonderful and amazing.. :)

    1. Indeed it is, thanks for dropping by RD. ☺

  3. I watched this movie lately! Ninong, the movie made me cry! Nakakaantig ang story na yan :(

  4. Hi, my friend Mike!

    I was surprised to see the post from your blog, because this was a movie that really like to have seen!
    But ...
    So far I have not had the courage to watch it, because I think it will hit me in the soul.
    My wife and I have been helping homeless animals - dogs and cats - about 15 years.
    During a certain period of our lives, practically "we lived" in veterinary clinics.

    Already buried many good friends... already we cried a lot!

    Glad to know there are stories like these That reveal great truths about friendship Between men and animals - It is important to respect them!

    There is a phrase that says:
    "When I more know about men, more respect the animals"

    Congratulations for this post!
    A big hug!

    1. You are continually surprising me Clark. I think it's very noble what you and your wife did in helping out those homeless animals. I salute you and your wife -- and I wish that there would be more people like you.

      Thank you so much for honoring my blog with your presence and your well thought of comment. I learn so much from you. I sincerely thank you my friend. Salamat!

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  6. I'm very like Hachiko movie. I seen this movie for several time.

    1. Nice arie, that's pretty cool. ☺

  7. Nice movie have a nice day

  8. A blessed day and a pleasant evening to you, Very nice themes keep the good work

  9. I'am here friend thanks for visit my blog
    Happy Ester

  10. film which was very nice and I also love, thank you friend

  11. hindi ko na masyadong babasahin ang post, gusto kong mapanuod yung movie. :) Thanks 4 recommending tamang tama, i <3 my dog much. :) Balita ko din nakakaiyak ito. :) ayan teary eyed na ko. :(

    1. Hey steven, send my regards to your dog. Hope you were able to watch this film. ☺

  12. this was so great i loved that movie! :D

  13. i loved this movie especially Hachiko.. i always learn about faithfulness from him. thank you Michael :)


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