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#Banchetto Meralco Avenue

     Banchetto has been one of my favorite food destinations since I discovered this "OVERNIGHT STREET FOOD FIESTA" last January 2011.  From then on, when me and my friends would go out Friday nights, we sometimes drop by Banchetto at around 5AM the next day to have breakfast at their old location in Emerald Avenue. 

At the new Bachetto Meralco Avenue, and our favorite food stall.
     Banchetto is an Italian word which means a 'banquet' or a 'feast' which, in this case, is definitely true.  Started February 2006, this weekly overnight street food feast began with only around 14 food vendors and grew up to 130 last December 2010.  After the success of Banchetto EMERALD along F. Ortigas Jr. Avenue (formerly known as Emerald Avenue), several other Banchetto venues were born:

  • Banchetto FORUM - started February 2009, happens every Wednesday and Thursday night, 8:30PM until 6AM the following day at the delivery bay area of Robinson’s Pioneer corner EDSA in Mandaluyong City.

  • Banchetto SHOPWISE- started early 2012, happens every Tuesday night, 6PM until 4AM the following day at the open parking area of Shopwise in Libis, Quezon City. 
At the original Banchetto Emerald (L-R): Ken, myself, Yvette and my sister Hannah. [old photo]
Banchetto's initial target market were the employees of BPO companies in the area
but its popularity has clearly caused it to grow out of its niche. [old photo]
A view from our old favorite spot (the steps of PLDT building), still at the old Banchetto Emerald. [old photo]
     Then on June 10, 2011, Banchetto Emerald transferred to its new home at Banchetto MERALCO AVENUE (formerly known as Banchetto Megatent), located between Renaissance Towers and the Department of Education building in Pasig City.  Banchetto Meralco Avenue still opens on Friday nights but they changed the time schedule to 5PM Friday until 4AM Saturday (formerly 8PM Friday until 7AM Saturday).


     Last April 28, after a few beers at a nearby bar, my buddy and I went to pig out on the food that we missed for quite some time.  Check out some of the photos I took in between bites.
I had Chicken Pastel and Kaldereta for only P95.00 while Ken had Fried Chicken for P75.00.
My order was actually the food attendant's suggestion. I asked for their best seller (my habit) and
she said that all of the food in their selections are -- queuing from their name -- 'Deliciously Done.'
Not supposed to post this but I realized there's Ken (in pink) buying our fruit shake. He said
that fruit shakes here are better and "50% more fruit than *bleep*" LOL!
     We were still craving for our usual so we searched for our favorite food stall.

My second go, Liempo Silog for only P70.00 while Ken had Lechon Kawali for P100.00.
This food stall is like home.  Just look at all the classic food you can enjoy. Yummm!
The lady here is preparing our dessert.  Ken had *I forgot what he had* caramel something. LOL!
My dessert, a slice of chocolate truffles.  Brought this home instead, I was too full to even open my mouth.
     Banchetto is constantly living up to its promise of 'a cutting edge dining experience in a distinct ambience.'  I love their extremely affordable delicious food and the variety of choices that they have.  And it's a good thing too that they're using paper food boxes now instead of the usual and environment-hazardous styros.

     Have you been to Banchetto yet?  Tell me your story on the comments' section below.  See you all on my next wandering!

*Visit Banchetto's Website for updates on their location and schedule.
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  1. wow menarik sekali sepertinya makanannya enak-enak...

  2. Hey, my Friend!
    I love seeing this kind of posting!
    Speaking about the towns and customs ... The friends together enjoying a beautiful Friday night!
    Oh! And of course ... with lots of food ... lol ...
    Myke, I enjoyed the pictures!

    That's why I also hope both for Fridays! ... lol ...

    A big hug!
    See you later!

    1. Thanks Clark! I have not been posting food reviews cause I'm trying to stay lean for the summer. LOL!

  3. Surely, you’re having a great meal with your friends.

  4. Hello my friend, wish you a nice day. ΚΑΛΟ ΜΗΝΑ Greetings, Fotis.

  5. Hello from Teb.
    Good Wednesday.

  6. gambarnya saja sudah membuatku laper, haemmm

  7. How I wish we have it here also.. looks yummy.

    1. And unbelievably affordable. Why spend a thousand on a meal if you can spend so much less! ☺

  8. malapit lang sa ofis namin dati, nipupuntahan namin to pag OT.. hahah

  9. I never been to one :-) It seems an awesome food place and the food looks delish! Thanks Myke for giving me an idea where to bring my hubby there. I can’t wait to see his reaction, lol!

    1. He will be surprised to see the place. It's also becoming a tourist destination in the area Sam. Some week it's really packed full. See you there just in case you visit!

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  11. Hello, This is nice post. I thank you very much.


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