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Mark Zuckerberg Endorses Friendsheet Facebook App

     Hey guys, what's up?  When I logged in to my Facebook tonight, I saw that there was an update from Facebook's Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg.  Facebook's CEO apparently liked this app called Friendsheet which got me curious so I explored it up a bit. 

Friendsheet claims to be "An amazing new way to browse your Facebook photos."

     Turned out,  this new app called Friendsheet displays Facebook photos like how the popular social bookmarking site Pinterest showcases images on Pinboards.  By default, the app will show all your friends' photo updates (their own uploads or even if they've just been tagged) on a single page but you can filter it to just display a specific friend's photos and albums.  The simple interface also allows the user to upload photos to his/her Facebook account direct from the Friendsheet page and the Settings button gives you the option to hide (or unhide) photo captions and comments.  However, some of the users are already complaining that there should be a way to filter friends' photo updates from those which are photo updates from pages.

     When you click on the picture to zoom it, you might be surprised to find no arrow buttons to move through the photos.  You can use the arrow keys on the keyboard instead to explore and navigate through the pictures.  There's also no way you can filter out photos you don't want to see.  Well, I'm sure we'll be hearing more from this app in the future.  Go check it out guys!  Click HERE to go the application.

     By the way, Friendsheet app is developed by Zachary Allia.

     Until my next wandering!

*Photos are screenshot of my facebook newsfeed and the Friendsheet opening page, respectively.


  1. haven't tried this one yet but sounds good.. ;)

  2. i never tried that one and the timeline as well. hehehe

    1. Haha, I've been using the new timeline since last year. Try it, it's fun. ☺

  3. well this is great, cant wait for this fiture


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