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Almon Marina at SM Megamall

     What happens when two perennial late comers agreed to watch a movie?  Well, they arrive not on time but AT the same time!  Ehrr, almost, LOL! -- and because I got there first, I bought the tickets and while waiting for Madam to show up, also bought some popcorn using my Smart Rewards points.

     "The Vow" will start at 10PM and since we have more than an hour spare, we looked for a restaurant where we can have some light dinner.  That's how we found this interesting place:  Almon Marina Sandwich Bar & Deli.

The Almon Marina branch we visited is located at the GF of SM Megamall Building A.

     According to their official website, Almon Marina started as a cold seafood and deli store which eventually turned into a Sandwich Bar & Deli in 1990.  Now they are known for their freshly made soup and salads, gourmet sandwiches, tasteful pasta selections, Spanish style slow cooked meals and grilled specialties.  But because we have a movie to catch, we cannot afford to have them slow down our meal, right?


     We went thru their menu and decided that Almon Marina's Pastalicious Combination have choices that looked good enough to try.  And so, here's what we ordered:

Pastalicious Combination (Madam's choice):  Quarter Chicken, Pasta and Salad
served with Citrus Iced Tea - P230.00.
Pastalicious Combination (my pick):  Burger, Pasta Bolognese and Fries
served with Citrus Iced Tea - P235.00.
     Yeah I know, I always try to have fries whenever I can.  My previous posts are proof of that, pfft!  By the way, Almon Marina's Pastalicious Combination choices comes with either citrus iced tea or soda.  And my verdict on their food?  Well, my burger was tasteful in every bite -- and the grilled beef patty is so tender and delicious that perhaps seeing how I was enjoying it Madam took a huge slice off my plate despite my complaints.  Haha!  The pasta was OK, both my Bolognese and Madam's Alfredo.  Madam, however, said that her roasted chicken seemed a bit dry.  When I tasted it, I think it's the acceptable dryness expected of a roasted chicken and with theirs, you can undeniably taste the mild flavors of herbs and spice.  It was good enough for me. ☺

     Almon Marina's interior looked acceptably neat and since we got there at almost closing time, you can see their staff starting to do their cleaning which is somehow quite annoying.  The lady who took our order was friendly and helpful.  She even gave suggestions when asked about their best sellers.  If we weren't in a hurry, I could've tried the desserts I saw on the display.

     With 5% service charge, we paid a total of P488.25.  It was a meal most enjoyed and in my opinion, food is most pleasurable when you're with the right company.  And the movie?  Well, I might tell you what I think of it some other time.  One thing's for sure though, it was a huge disappointment for Madam and myself.  Haha!  Hope my opinion didn't offend anybody. ☺

     Hope you guys enjoyed this post.  Tell me your thoughts on the comments' section below and see you on my next wandering!
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  1. Aw sayang! Didn't take pics last week when we had dinner at Almon marina in robinsons ermita. Sarap noh?

    1. Hello Ma'am Rona! I will try the rest of their Pastalicious Combination next time. ☺

  2. Hi, Myke!
    Friend ... I loved this post, too!
    You know, I love French fries and just seeing pictures I'm already salivating ... rsrsrsrs

    What beautiful pictures, huh! Food, food ... hummm, I really can not control myself ... lol
    I think I'm going to ask me to deliver a sandwish with fries, tonight!
    Warm regards from Brasil!

    1. Haha, hey Clark!

      By the way, I love fries too!

  3. thanks for your visit happy day

  4. only tried some of their sandwiches. it was just ok.

  5. Hi! Foods looks so yummy!

  6. i want that burger, please send me one :D hehehe comment back oke

  7. dear friend,Michael, to understand life can be
    must reverse, life, but it is forward, wish you a happy Wednesday, many greetings from Dieter

  8. Seems your pasta combination very delicious.. more food trips! Good day!

  9. Hello my dear friend! Have a wonderful and blessed Saturday. Greetings from Brasil

  10. hi, 'came across your blog from my blogger friends site - interesting site u have here. u may want to drop by mine and join the fun here:

    THANKS in advance. I'm coming back here after my "mission" LOL.

  11. oh sorry, I forgot to mention. I love Almon Marina specially their tuna platter. I'm frequenting their MOA branch.

    Ciao :)

    1. Thank you for the visit! I visited your blog and left a comment. Btw, happy birthday!


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