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Freedom Writers: A Movie Review

     Freedom Writers was released January 2007 and is one of the few movies that has truly inspired me.  Though it patterns on formula and cliché, it is still a reflection of the truth -- and the truth it tells is a story that's worth telling.  The movie poses a challenge for many of us:  to do what is right.  If you have a heart, this film will get to you.

Top 10 Food to Boost Your Mood

     I've said this before on a previous post and I'm saying it again:  health and fitness probably tops the list of the toughest challenges many has to struggle with at one point or another.  So for people having difficulty sustaining a healthy diet, here's a list I made that's sure to make all of us not just healthier but also happier.  Add these to your menu, and let's all eat our way to a healthier and happier lifestyle!  

My Top 10 Mood Boosters

BANANAS - this fruit contains the amino acid tryptophan that's responsible for producing serotonin in the body.  Serotonin, also known as the 'happy hormone,' greatly influences a person's overall well-being as it helps regulate moods, temper anxiety and relieve depression.  Bananas are also rich in potassium.  The body's potassium level rapidly depletes during periods of high stress, thus, eating bananas is a healthy way to re-balance the body's potassium level without using drugs.  On top of that, as stress is closely linked with magnesium deficiency, bananas are a great way to pile up on magnesium and avoid stress.  So go eat some more bananas and feel good about yourself.  ☺

*Read more on the health benefits of bananas here.

CHILLI - this little fruit contains capsaicin which stimulates the mouth's tiny nerve endings and brings that exciting burning sensation.  In response to this burning sensation, the brain releases endorphins, the body's natural painkillers.  Endorphins, among its many functions, controls feelings of stress and frustrations.  So with high endorphin levels, we feel less pain and experience fewer negative effects of stress.

Filipino Words Every Filipino Must Know

     This circulated on email at my workplace more that 5 years ago and found it saved on my old hard drive which I was trying to clean up earlier today.  Although a bit old, I think most of you -- especially those who can speak and understand the Filipino language quite well -- shall find this educational as well as entertaining.

     Most Filipinos are bilingual (even trilingual) and speaks fluently the two official languages of the Philippine which are Filipino and English.  But even if Filipino comes as the first language, there's a big probability that most Filipinos have not yet fully discovered the intricacies and semantics of this beautiful language which is a combination of many different tongues.

     And so, just in case you guys need further education in the Filipino language, here are some words that I think you must compel yourself to learn:

Mark Zuckerberg Endorses Friendsheet Facebook App

     Hey guys, what's up?  When I logged in to my Facebook tonight, I saw that there was an update from Facebook's Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg.  Facebook's CEO apparently liked this app called Friendsheet which got me curious so I explored it up a bit. 

Friendsheet claims to be "An amazing new way to browse your Facebook photos."

Almon Marina at SM Megamall

     What happens when two perennial late comers agreed to watch a movie?  Well, they arrive not on time but AT the same time!  Ehrr, almost, LOL! -- and because I got there first, I bought the tickets and while waiting for Madam to show up, also bought some popcorn using my Smart Rewards points.

     "The Vow" will start at 10PM and since we have more than an hour spare, we looked for a restaurant where we can have some light dinner.  That's how we found this interesting place:  Almon Marina Sandwich Bar & Deli.

The Almon Marina branch we visited is located at the GF of SM Megamall Building A.

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