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Orchard Road at SM Megamall - A Taste of Singapore

     Hey guys, what's up?

     I was -- ehrr -- more than two hours late and so my companion was really starving when I found her at our meeting place.  After some catching up, we decided to wander around the crowded SM Megamall to look for a nice place to dine and saw a familiar place that we haven't tried yet -- Orchard Road.

     Orchard Road is located at the 2nd Level Bridgeway of SM Megamall and since its opening last 2010, is known for its wide array of Singaporean inspired dishes which, due to the cultural diversity of Singapore, is actually a fusion of Malay, Chinese, Indian and Western cuisines.  The restaurant took its name from the famous road that's known as the retail and entertainment hub of Singapore.


     We checked their menu and saw some set meals that are good enough to try and so, here's what we ordered:

For my companion, she had Set Meal B (P195.00) which includes rice, fish & tofu in tausi sauce,
pork & mushroom siomai, and mango tapioca.  We added P15.00 to have an add-on regular sized soda.

For myself, I had Set Meal C (P205.00) which includes Singapore fried rice, satay chicken,
deep-fried spring rolls, and mango tapioca.  Paid additional P15.00 for the add-on regular sized soda.

The lady taking my order referred me to this dish when I asked about their best sellers.
Char Kway Teow (P195.00) is flat rice noodles stir fried with prawns, Chinese sausage and sprouts.

     For a first timer of Singaporean inspired food, I had fun.  The chicken satay was delicious and the peanut sauce that goes with it made it more flavorful.  I'm a fan of fried rice so the Singapore fried rice was deeply appreciated.  As for my companion, she said the pork and mushroom siomai were delicious and the fish & tofu were good enough.  Their Char Kway Teow was something new to my taste -- the stir fried rice noodles and vegetable combined with prawns and Chinese sausage was interesting and it was, in my opinion, very flavorful and satisfying.  As for the dessert, mango tapioca reminded me of my mom's ginataan.  I like ginataan, so I liked mango tapioca.

A glimpse on the interior of Orchard Road, the side where we were seated.
     The place was comfortably big enough to accommodate throngs of diners even during busy hours.  It was well decorated and (according to my companion) except for the colored glass dividers on the far side,  the overall interior was well thought of and tastefully done.

     Spending a total of P625.00, it was a tasty and satisfying dinner that I truly enjoyed.  I'll probably come back to sample some more of their food, there's still a long list to go.  Orchard Road, definitely, is one place where everyone can have a good time and get real value for their money.

     Have you been to this restaurant before?  What can you recommend I try the next time I visit Orchard Road?  Let me know on the comments' section below.

     See you on my next wandering!
For more info, visit Orchard Road's official website.
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  1. Never tried it yet. Looks yummy! Hehe!

  2. Ahhaaayyyy
    Nice [pOstt .
    Yummiii :D

  3. ano ba yan, ang aga aga kong ginutum, sana pala lunch time ako nag blog hop. musta na Myke?

  4. thanks for the review bro. nun pa namen gusto itry ung Orchard Road kasi hinahanap hanp ko yung laksa nung nagpunta kami ng Singapore. :D

  5. Hey, Myke!
    You really know how to live!
    This always involved with the culture and the good things in life!
    I can only congratulate you!
    Live long and prosper!

  6. i really don't have much idea about Singapore cuisines, um, and the value of food is, i think enough of what you have eaten that day.

    I have never been much into restau, i am more into fast foods with their value meals, haha, so really have no idea. Well, these posts you have help to find great places, budgt and great food. :)

    1. As much as possible, I frequent places that are budget friendly. I only want real value for my money, just like most of us.

      Thanks for dropping by steve! ☺

  7. Thank you guys for the visit!


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