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Christmas in Manila!

     Hey guys!  A few more days and it's already Christmas!  As we look around, the world is undeniably bursting with the holiday spirit.  Malls are packed with shoppers and people are scurrying about happily talking about parties, gifts and other Christmas stuff.  Though this season isn't supposed to be superficial, we can't help but channel that Christmassy feeling through our gifts, delicious food, new clothes, new gadgets, cheerful outlook, forgiving feeling and the most visible of them all -- Christmas decors.

The Sky Garden at SM North Edsa.  Happy Holidays everybody!

     Homes and cities around the world are now sparkling with lights and the colorful Christmas decorations are giving exceptional cheerfulness and happy feeling into the air.  Cliche, but definitely true, right?  And so, here are some of the Christmas sights I've captured with my camera as The Pinoy Wanderer explores the city of Manila.

At Trinoma Garden.  Took this picture while we were on our way to Conti's.

Still at Trinoma Garden.  Bursting in red, these Poin... err, *googles spelling* ...Poinsettias
adorn the steps leading to Starbucks.

Saw these while we were boarding our cab.  These posts outside Trinoma Mall
outlined with thousands of miniature lights looked fascinating

Huge colorful decors from the ceiling of Shangri-La Mall.

The Christmas Village inside Shangri-La Mall Plaza

The Mega Mall entrance.  Look at all the lights!

There's a Christmas Train at the center leading to the entrance of Mega Mall.

Santa's sleigh inside Atrium at SM Mega Mall.


Saw these at the UP Diliman parking area.  I'm sure they look pretty awesome at night

SM Mall of Asia looks awesome!

All across SM Malls, I noticed the theme revolved around lights.

     We all enjoy the festivities brought about by the season, but hopefully we don't forget the true meaning of Christmas.  Beyond what is perceived by the eye, more than the sparkling lights and the holiday cheers, is the true gift that was given to us by Jesus.  He came here to be with us, to save us and to tell us the truth.  In our own journeys, may we know in our hearts what Christmas is really about.

Nope, I'm not on sale but those Christmas trees are, haha!

     So, have I been naughty or nice this year?  Mmm, what do you think? Haha!  That's all for now folks!  If you have anything to say, do let me know on the comments' section below.  Until my next wandering, see ya!
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  1. You really feel the Christmas when you're in Manila. And the word SALE is all over the mall and bazaar which my eyes is aching and my pockets, too. Haha!

  2. wow! :-) just wondering if you are on sale or the Christmas trees?

    Pasko Na Naman PO!

  3. Wow -- another place in the world that I have to see before I die!

    This is the problem: every time I read your blog and see Manilla or every time I read some of the other blogs that link to your blog about places like Jakarta, etc., I end up spending more money when my "future self" has enough money and time to travel different places.

    Very nicely done blog post.

  4. Hello my friend Michael, thank you very much for your visit, good weekend with peace & happiness. Hugs Valter.

  5. Wow, amazing decoration, im from spain and here the streets has decorated with lights and the trees too but, its not big deal, the malls its the most atractive to see because his decoration its gorgerous.

  6. visit you back.. and support

  7. Brilliant photos of Christmas lights and decor Myke! Can't wait to celebrate Christmas there again soon :-)

  8. Hi Myke,
    Mukang nilibot mo na lahat ng mall sa mtro mla a. haha. Regalo ko ninong :)
    makulay ang pasko (at magastos din) haha.

  9. haha!!! i've been to philippines twice and i've yet to go during holiday seasons. mom says it's awesome! thank you for posting those pics, i enjoyed them very much so. :)

  10. wow.. gaganda ng mga deco.. saya-saya naman.. about your last question, pwede ba both.. hahah naughty but nice.. :P

  11. Hey, Myke! .. HO HO HO...
    That amazing pictures! I think you will make a great and happy Christmas!
    Yes, here we have begun a great agitation for the preparations!

    Wow ... Too bad we do not have some snow too .... ahahaha

  12. Wonderful Christmas Time in Manila. One day I hope to visit Manila and the rest of the Philippines but I need a guide;-)

  13. visit you friend,,
    hope you to visit me back

  14. like my name, Vanny Chrisma. i was born on December too.

    i like with the snow dolls..:D

  15. I wish you a merry and peaceful Christmas dear Myke!Happy Holidays! Hugs Big, Pim & Joey

  16. galeng naman talaga ng pics :D

    merry Christmas sayo :D

  17. wow... it awesome christmas myke.. :D

  18. Thanks for visiting me! I was having fun during holidays so visiting back late. Happy new year! :)

  19. Thank you guys for the visit and for the comments and happy new year!


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