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      Hey guys, what's up?

     It's been a busy weekend for The Pinoy Wanderer and I'm still trying to get my thoughts organized before I publish another post.  For the meantime, though it's absolutely not important, I'd like to let you know that I've made a new Facebook account specially reserved for new friends that I will meet through the Internet.  So, if you have Facebook and you would like us to be FRIENDS, don't hesitate to add me.

     You can do it several ways:
  1. Search for my account using my email:
  2. Or go click this LINK and add me. 
      Easy, right?

     While you're at it and if it isn't too much to ask, do like my blog's Facebook page too.  I promise not to spam your timeline, will just be posting updates from my two blogs so my posts can get to you the soonest.  Here's the link to my blog's Facebook page:

My GOOGLE+ ACCOUNT.  Add me up!
     Hey, I also have a GOOGLE+ account by the way.  Though I rarely use it, we can also connect through this social networking site.  Here's the LINK

     Hope to hear from you soon!
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  1. I hv added u on Facebook.. Please confirm..

  2. :-) I added you on my Facebook and my blog.

  3. hi, Mike I just had you, please confirm ^_^

  4. i was add you last minute...:) please to approve it. vanny chrisma w. thank u

  5. Thanks vanny! Good to be friends with you on facebook. ☺


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