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Ricky Lee and Amapola

     Ricky Lee's second novel Si Amapola Sa 65 na Kabanata was officially launched yesterday, November 27, 2011, at the Skydome, SM North Edsa -- and I was there!

Ricky Lee, his pen is an extension of his brilliant mind.
Who is Ricky Lee?

   Ricky Lee is one of the Philippines' premier and most prized scriptwriters.  He has written more than 160 film scripts which earned him countless awards locally and abroad.  Most of his films have been shown in Cannes, Toronto Film Festival, Berlin Festival and other foreign film festivals.  He has worked with the biggest names in the film industry to produce timeless masterpieces like Anak, Madrasta, and the classic film Himala which was voted as Best Film of all Time for CNN's Asia Pacific Screen Awards.

     Behind his outstanding achievements is a humble beginning.  Ricardo 'Ricky' Lee, also a fictionist, a journalist and a playwright, is a fellow bicolano who was born and raised in Daet, Camarines Norte.  His rich life story is perhaps what fed his creative mind to pen the most fantastic, heart warming stories that many intellectuals have enjoyed and perhaps will be enjoyed by the next generations to come.

Ricky Lee on the hot seat of The Bottomline with Boy Abunda, November 26, 2011.
     In his The Bottom line with Boy Abunda interview aired the night before the book launch, Ricky said  aspiring writers shouldn't try to become anyone but be his or her own self.  Learn from the expert, take note of their style, but in the end, they should write their own thoughts and stories -- it's their own voice that should be heard in their work.  As Ricky Lee always say, our life experiences and our sensibility will teach us how to write.

     According to a PhilStar report, Lee has published a total of 8 books.  His first novel, 'Para Kay B (Kung Paano Dinevastate ng Pag-ibig ang 4 out of 5 sa Atin),' has sold 30,000 copies in two years.  'Trip to Quiapo,' a scriptwriting manual, now serves as textbook for MassCom courses in the country.  'Si Tatang at ang mga Himala ng ating Panahon', his classic collection of articles and short stories, has become part of Filipino Literature studies.  The pages of my blog is not enough to enumerate the milestones that this man has contributed to Philippine literature and to the arts.  For your contentment, you can check out WikiPilipinas for an expanded list of his creative works.

Si Amapola sa 65 na Kabanata

     His second novel originally titled Aswang is a political satire set in the popular hang out T. Morato in Quezon City. The story revolves around Amapola, a gay impersonator, who becomes a manananggal and through a prophecy, was informed that he's destined to save the Philippines. You need to buy his book and find out how Amapola was torn between saving the country and his love for Homer, a (real) man whom he loves and who loves him back.

The Book Launch

     The Skydome was packed full of personalities and ordinary people who would like to show support for Ricky Lee.  My friend Neriz Cruz Gabelo, also a book author and a seasoned writer in her own rights, was nice enough to invite me to the event. 
Ms. Neriz Cruz Gabelo, Ricky Lee and myself as Mr. Lee signs a copy of our book...
     Just so you know, I never thought that a book launch could be that fun.  I was definitely entertained.  Details of the event will be posted on the conclusion of this post.  Until my next wandering!

*Opening photo was taken from here.
*Information about Ricky Lee were taken from Wikipedia.
*Additional information were taken from PhilStar.
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  1. I might buy his new novel one of these days. I have already two of his previous books.

  2. Oic, Ricky Lee is a brilliant script writer. Pinoys must be proud of him.

  3. Ricky Lee didn't write One More Chance, hehe. It's by Vanessa Valdez and Carmi Raymundo.

  4. Sosyal ka, may picture ka with Mr. Ricky Lee..

  5. Wow! friend,
    I was Trying to Understand the magnitude of this writer!
    I liked what you wrote in your post, but only knew the greatness of this man in the "continuation of your post."

    I'll be back to write the second part!
    Warm regards!

  6. Hi Myke,

    Wow! You and your blog are really going places. Congrats much for doing a great job--supporting literary artists like Mr. Ricky Lee and this monumental event like his second book launch.

    You have a lot of great things waiting for you because of your sensitivity, sensibility and brilliance in writing. To even be mentioned in this blog and to have my picture taken alongside two witty writers (you and Mr. Lee) is such a wonderful honor.

    Like what I always say, WRITE SOME MORE. As many people can write but only a few have got style like you have. Kudos!

    Thank you for supporting me in this event. Til your next event. Maybe I can write one about your event, too. :)

    1. Hi madam, thanks! I'm not sure if I'm the one being described with the 'sensitivity, sensibility and brilliance' part in your comment -- but thank you nonetheless. Coming from someone who is a brilliant writer, speaker, teacher ... -- your skills must probably be just rubbing off on me. You know how I like to communicate and associate with people whom I could learn stuff from. In short, I'm returning the compliment back to you. Haha

  7. Thank you guys for the visit! Hope you can check out Part 2 of this post.


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