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Conti's Pastry Shop and Restaurant

     Even before putting up The Pinoy Wanderer, Conti's has been one of my favorite restaurants.  I will most certainly explore unfamiliar territories in the future but I also feel that it's a must to re-visit old places and confirm why they are my favorites.  And so yesterday, after attending the 5:00pm mass at The Chapel of the Eucharistic Lord, I had dinner with TL Nielsen at Conti's in Serendra.

The Conti's Pastry Shop & Restaurant we visited last October 16, 2011
is their branch located in Serendra, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

   There were other diners waiting to be seated when we got there but we were given a table ahead of the waiting list because we only needed a table for two.  Another friend's supposed to be with us but the guy's got other priorities and he never bothered to inform he won't make it.  Yeah, he will be spanked.  ☺

     Anyway, people waiting to be seated is usual every time I visit Conti's.  Though it's my first time in the Serendra branch, the scenario is the same nonetheless.  I frequently order Chicken Ballotine or Chicken Roulade but this time I ordered Chicken Marsala.  And knowing that it will not let me down, I recommended Chicken Ballotine to TL.

My order:  Chicken Marsala P195.00
 Slices of chicken breast with mushrooms in Marsala wine sauce,
served with Russian potato salad and buttered corn rice.
TL's order: Chicken Ballotine P225.00
Meat-stuffed boneless chicken breast rolled in creamy sauce,
served with buttered vegetables and garlic rice.
     And for our drinks, I ordered Melon shake (the really nice lady taking our orders informed me that they ran out of Melon shake so I opted for Pineapple shake instead) and TL requested for Yellow Mango shake. 

Our drinks:  Pineapple Shake P65.00
and Yellow Mango Shake P80.00.
     It was my first time to order Chicken Marsala and though it overflowed with sauce (look at the photo), it was a truly enjoyable meal.  The side dish (Russian potato salad), from what I can taste, has bits of chicken, potato and carrots.  I like the color but I must admit the potato's a bit hard.  I enjoyed my dinner and from what I can see and hear across the table, TL did too.  If I'm not trimming on my carb intake, I would've ordered extra garlic rice which by the way is exactly what TL did.  He ordered an extra serving of garlic rice.  I'm sure he'll kill me for mentioning this on my blog.  I repeat, he gobbled up two big cups of garlic rice! LOL!

     Now here comes the favorite part: desserts!  My favorite Conti's dessert is their famous Mango Bravo.  Each huge slice is at P145.00.  Mango Bravo is one of their best sellers so it's no wonder it's out of stock for the day.  Too bad really since I was raring to recommend it to my companion.  Here's what we had instead:

My dessert:  Moist Chocolate Cake P70.00
Layers of moist chocolate cake coated with rich fudge icing.

TL Nielsen's dessert:  Bananalicious Pie P80.00
Buttery crust filled with vanilla ice cream and chunks of ripe bananas
topped with cashew nuts, chocolate and caramel syrups on whipped cream icing.
     Going to Conti's is always worth the dining experience every time.  The prices are really reasonable, the food is great and the people are really nice.  There's a lot of other items on the menu that I haven't tried yet so I'll probably visit Conti's again sometime soon.

     If you've been to Conti's, what's the favorite food or dessert that you can recommend to my readers?  Tell me about your Conti's dining experience on the comments' section below.

      Thanks for reading and until my next wandering.  See ya!
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  1. Wow! Food looks delicious. My mouth became watery just from looking at the pictures. I'm sure you had a great time and thanks for sharing with us about Conti's.

  2. But i dont think i can wait until tmrw.. Tempting! Droooool :@

  3. Bes, I will not end the week without tasting their Mango Bravo... That's a promise... And I'll have my "bite by bite" update...

  4. haha. I was there last sunday, I think I saw you din. tapos their mango bravo was out of stock pa. I got their cheesecake instead nalang.

    Calea is good din. tapos sa Abe, fave ko ung tamarind shake nila. :P

    1. Hi poi! Really? Too bad we didn't have the chance to say HI to one another. It would be a privilege to meet a fellow blogger. I have not met a lot. Haha. Thanks for dropping by!

  5. Thank you very much my friend for your visit, happy Tuesday with peace & health. Hugs Valter.

  6. Drooling here! ke aga aga, pinagutom mo ako. I love food too, but we don't normally dine at elegant restaurants, since we have little ones tha gets sick (AJ, grr..) after smelling variety of food. If I was there and can eat at Conti's, I will definitely gobble the cake, not much of chicken with sauce and stuff :) I love cake especially chocolate. In this house, chocolate cake or nothing.. Have a great day!

    1. I heard from Ms. Embam that you are great cook! Too bad for AJ tho, but it's OK cause you're there to cook for the whole family.

  7. Good day ,

    Myke U HAVE TO accompany us to grab this food whenever we arrive Philippines. :)

  8. Wow! What a cool place!
    I see that you go to good places!
    They look delicious dishes ... I'm big hungry now ... ahaha

  9. Yo de cocinar no entiendo, pero esto se ve muy rico.....jajajaja. Gracias por visitarme, Exitos!

  10. see pictures of food above, I am so hungry. LOL
    If one day I had the opportunity to visit Philippines, I want to try the Chicken Marsala and Bananalicious Pie, hmmm.... seemed delicious.

    1. Hey Brilli, you definitely should try them out. Thanks for the visit!

  11. Thank you very much my friend for the visit, good weekend with happiness and smiles. Hugs Valter.

  12. Hi, Myke!
    So, Today is Friday ... The most Anticipated day of the week!
    Today everyone goes to the bars, restaurants or clubs, for fun!
    Great weekend for you!
    A hug!

  13. Thank you very much my friend for your visit, happy new week with peace & successes. Hugs Valter.

  14. Trussss... Kita tingkatkan semangat persahabatan dg Rolling Blogwalking :)

  15. Thank you guys for the visit! Have a fun weekend. ☺

  16. baked salmon, roast beef or pesto linguine for me ☺

    1. I'll pass on the baked salmon but their pesto linguine is good. Roast beef, will try them out next time. Thanks for the suggestions! ☺


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