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     Hey guys, my name is Myke and I have been blogging for approximately a bit over a year now.  Blogging was actually my brother's idea to spend spare time productively.  But as I saw him struggle to make the first post and then eventually giving it all up -- I volunteered to help.  Thus, the site SHOW ME YOUR LOOK TODAY was put up last July 26, 2010.  Up to now, the site still exists and still gaining friends.

      Show Me Your Look Today is somehow a fashion blog where I feature myself and people who are close to me.  It does not really focus on how a person looks like nor does it discuss in detail his/her fashion sense, but it sees FASHION as one important aspect of life that we need to attend to at all circumstances.  There's no way I will discuss how someone dresses poorly or inappropriately, but I do highlight a person's attitude or character that somehow makes one more attractive, more amusing, and more interesting -- over and above his/her personal style.

The latest post for Show Me Your Look Today features Marie.
     Although I do not see any limit to what I can talk about in Show Me Your Look Today, I feel that I need to put up another blog where I can share with my friends my little journeys in life.  As the header suggests, everything that involves the five senses is something that I can talk about here -- and everything in between:  my feelings, my opinions, my musings, my thoughts.

     The Pinoy Wanderer (that's ME) will talk about my wanderings in this world.  After all, we are all but travelers in this life, on this earth.  Be it dining outside, or watching a movie, buying a perfume, getting a massage or listening to music.  That (and many many more) is something you can find and read about on this site.  Did you notice how I incorporated all the five senses in the examples I've cited?  Brilliant, i know right?  LOL! 

So, please officially welcome my new blog:

Because I am a proud Filipino -- a.k.a. PINOY,
and I am also a WANDERER.


  1. hello, nice blog you have, i am thinking you might like to exchange link with me so i can visit you everyday if i have my time, if you want to please visit back here and comment on the exchange link section so i know, thanks!

  2. Congratulations for your new blog ...

  3. Wow awesome, it's your first post on pinoy wanderer look likes Professional one ;). keep post and happy blogging.

    TambelanBlog ;)

  4. Congratulations Myke, I always make sure to check yourlooktoday blog whenever I have time.

  5. Wow, thanks Elle! You're so sweet. ☺

  6. nice to be here myke.
    are you from Bicol?

  7. Hey Abby, yes I am. I am from Sorsogon. I assume that you are too? That's nice!


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