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Super Bowl Of China

     If I'm craving for Asian cuisine with a kick of Chinese, Super Bowl of China is one of the places that comes to mind.  And so while my brother is still on leave from work, we visited a Super Bowl of China branch located at The Atrium in Megamall. 

The Super Bowl Of China branch we visited
is located at the 4th Floor of The Atrium in Mega Mall.

     Super Bowl of China has a wide range of enjoyable dishes that has captured the Filipino taste through the years.  They offer soups & congee, dim sum (you definitely should try their dimsum platter), noodle dishes, rice & toppings, roasts, and main dishes of chicken, pork, beef, seafood and vegetables.  Of course they have the usual drinks, fruit shakes and desserts.

       We were a bit hungry so we decided to indulge a bit on our usual favorites.  Here's what we ordered.

Super Bowl Fried Rice P295.00
Rice sauteed in their signature Super Bowl fried rice sauce blended with assorted seafood,
mushrooms, mixed vegetables, tomato sauce, and topped with BBQ pork asado,
roast chicken, crispy shrimp, and whole peanuts.
Sauteed Mixed Vegetables P180.00
Sauteed Baguio Beans, black fungus, mushrooms, cabbage, carrots, and turnips.

Lechon Macau P275.00
Deep fried crispy pork belly cutlets seasoned with select Chinese spices
and served with Hoisin Sauce on the side.
     The Super Bowl Fried Rice is fantastic specially if you don't mind gaining a few pounds after eating.  It's a complete meal and good even on its own.  The rest of the entree definitely satisfied our hungry stomachs.  And since we're both guys, we had no trouble finishing all that up.  *Burp!*  My brother usually wears something lose whenever we go out on food trips.  As for me, I needed to consciously inhale to tuck my tummy in. LOL!

This is how our table looked like.  While they prepare our food, they
serve guests with their free chicharon (prawn crackers).
     Super Bowl of China never fails to delight us with their good food, cool ambiance and accommodating staff.  It's always a great place to bond with friends or family while enjoying a great and satisfying meal.

    How about you?  Have you visited any of the Super Bowl of China's branches in the metro?  Tell me about your dining experience in the comments' section below.  Would be glad to read about them.  ☺

       Thanks for reading and don't forget to come visit The Pinoy Wanderer again sometime soon.  See ya!
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  1. When I was around Ortigas working, Super Bowl of China is always one of our many choices for dinner. And for your trivia, i'm not fond of tofu but i am pretty sure theirs makes me want to eat one every time. and also love the eggplant hot and spicy :P

    1. Will try them out next time RD. Thanks for the visit! ☺

  2. Hi, Myke!
    Good morning!
    I try to imagine the taste of these beautiful dishes!
    It looks very good!

    Today is Saturday! And the day began overcast here in Brazil!
    A hug!

  3. Hey, Michael! Thank you for your constant presence!
    Thanks for the comment left ... My friends are happy!
    Wow! I would like to go to the restaurant "Super Bowl of China" - located at the 4th Floor.
    The scenario should be fantastic!
    A great end of Sunday!
    A hug!

    1. You're welcome Clark!

      Take care and God bless you my friend. Thank you for visiting my blog whenever I have updates. ☺

  4. Hello my friend.
    Happy new week.

  5. And here I thought that this was somehow related to American football ... lol

    1. It's Chinese food bro. Not a bad alterative. Haha!

  6. I like the bday noodles & wantons!

  7. Thank you guys for the visit!


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