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I'm Loving The Province

     Hey guys, how are you all doing?

     I'm having my vacation here at home in the province and a bit busy with something that my brother and I are brewing -- thus my long absence from blogging. It's supposed to be just a few days visit at my parents' place but something came up and it needed my attention so I extended indefinitely.  Anyway, just wanna tell you all how much I miss blogging and while I'm picking some stuff in the city, I dropped by at a nearby coffee shop and said HI to all my blogger friends and loyal readers.

The Monsoon Flood Through The Lens Of My Camera

     A few more hours before I head home to my province for a short vacation, I found myself in my room with nothing much to do.  As I transfer images to the desktop to free some space on my camera, I saw the photos I took a week ago during the height of the monsoon flood.  Going through them, I can't help but silently admire how resilient we Filipinos are.  Surely we have other positive traits, but one prominent characteristic that surfaces at the most crucial of times is our ability to cope and survive -- and most of the time, with a smile.

Monsoon Flood in Pinagbuhatan, Pasig City ~ August 2012
A boy aboard his improvised vessel looks on as two men settles aboard a boat.
Third day of southwest monsoon flood, Pinagbuhatan, Pasig City, August 9, 2012.
     Looking at the photos on this post, you can see how difficult the situation was for some of our fellow Filipinos.  Unlike other affected areas in Metro Manila where water have receded immediately, flood water in Pinagbuhatan, Pasig have stayed for at least a week.  Even worse was during the Ondoy flood back in 2009 when the flood lasted for almost a month.  The images below are plain proof that no matter how hard circumstances can become, people will always find a way to live through it and never lose hope.

Monsoon Scrambled Eggs with Beef, Oats and Tomatoes

     Being trapped in my apartment because of the monsoon flood have required me to be more creative with my food and what supplies I have left.  Today, I'm gonna share with you guys my scrambled eggs recipe that I have named after the flood which brought havoc to Metro Manila.

The Pinoy Wanderer's Habagat Scrambled Eggs Recipe
"Monsoon" Scrambled Eggs with Ground Beef, Oats and Tomatoes


For the Ground Beef Adobo:
1/4 kilo Ground beef[1]
Oil for sautéing
5 cloves garlic, minced[2]
1/8 cup chopped kinchay
Soy sauce, salt, and pepper to taste

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