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Unlimited Coffee and Cakes at The Coffee Beanery

The Pinoy Wanderer is back to talk yet again about food.  But this time it's going to be about desserts.

The Coffee Beanery that we visited is located at the
5th Level of Shangri-la Plaza Mall in Edsa.
     After attending the 5:00pm mass last Sunday at the Chapel of the Eucharistic Lord, the three of us (Hannah, Jeb and myself) headed to Edsa Shangri-la to try out Cravings' unlimited coffee and cakes.  I've been to Cravings with some of my friends last month but we got there a bit late for the unlimited coffee and cakes promo.  (I talked about it on this post).  This time my siblings and I got there earlier so yeah, cakes -- here we come!

Dads Ultimate Merienda Buffet

     Food is an important aspect of our lives that reaches across continents, ages and cultural differences.  It is an overwhelming force whose presence we simply cannot ignore.  Whether it is to celebrate something joyous like an anniversary, a birthday or a job promotion... or to forget a heartbreak or even when we're just bored, guess what?  We EAT! 

     As proof of the introduction, since this blog was created barely a month ago and has published five posts, three of the posts talked about food and dining.  And now, The Pinoy Wanderer will yet again  indulge you to one of my favorite hang out places if you're looking for affordable yet truly enjoyable food.

Dads Ultimate Merienda Buffet - P169.00

Breakfast Buffet at Somethin' Fishy

      I am not a picky eater.  In fact, my taste buds are really easy to please.  I don't know much technicalities when it comes to food but nonetheless -- allow me to share some of my thoughts whenever I dine somewhere new.

     Earlier today, we went to Somethin' Fishy in Eastwood to try out their breakfast buffet.  Somethin' Fishy has breakfast buffet (P159.00), lunch buffet (P425.00 on weekdays and P525.00 on weekends) and dinner buffet (525.00).  The breakfast buffet, from what I read over the Internet, starts from 12:00 midnight up to 10 AM.  We got there almost 9AM because I woke up late. Boo, haha!

Somethin' Fishy is in Eastwood City Cyberpark, E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave.,
Bagumbayan, Libis, Quezon City

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