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Mig Ayesa and Sophie Sumner Shoots "Phil It Up" in Albay

     I've been following Albay Governor Joey Salceda on Facebook for quite some time now. Aside from his jokes and fairly agreeable point of views, I look forward to his updates on current events. To be honest, if I can't watch TV or listen to the radio, I turn to his Facebook page for entertainment and news -- specially news on weather, LOL! What recently caught my attention were the string of photos showing Sophie Sumner in several of Albay's top destinations.

     -- Upon closer look, I learned that Albay will be one of the places to be featured on a TV show called "Phil It Up."

Fil-Australian rockstar Mig Ayesa and British supermodel Sophie Sumner, hosts of "Phil It Up"
Photo from


     I googled "Phil It Up" and it pulled Mig Ayesa's website, and quite the only site with reliable info about the show too. Turned out, Mig will co-host "Phil It Up" along with Sophie Sumner. Here's what I found further from the site[1]:

  • PHIL IT UP will be a two-part travel show which will feature top vacation destinations in the Philippines.

  • Weekly episodes of Part 1 will feature Sophie Sumner travelling the country "One fashion find at a time" highlighting culture and fashion.

  • As Part 1 concludes, Sophie will be joined by Mig Ayesa and Part 2 will commence with Mig now hosting the show.

  • Mig's journey on "Phil It Up" will showcase more travel spots in the Philippines -- but being the rockstar that he is, he will rock the show and jam with some homegrown talents while he trace his Filipino roots.  Mig will bring the viewers to the hottest entertainments spots, scenes, and destinations in the Philippines.

     No definite news yet as to when the show will be aired or on what channel. But I saw from Gov. Salceda's Facebook that some of the albums containing Sophie's photos were labelled: "Discovery Channel: 'Phil It Up' in Albay." Discovery Channel? Awesome.


Photo from

     Mig Ayesa is born in the Philippines (both from Filipino parents) but grew up in Sydney, Australia. He gained international fame after becoming a finalist on the singing reality show "Rock Star: INXS" aired on CBS.[2]

Photo from

     Sophie Sumner is one of Britain’s top supermodels today. She is the runner-up of the reality show Britain's Next Top Model (BNTM) Cycle 5 and afterwards, became the winner of America's Next Top Model (ANTM), British Invasion, Cycle 18. This is her third time to visit the Philippines.[3]


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     Here are some of Sophie's behind-the-scene photos (with her all-Filipino film crew) while shooting "Phil It Up" and exploring Albay. Grabbed them from Gov Joey Salceda's Facebook page.

     Sophie at Cagsawa Park and Ruins:

Two incredibly gorgeous ladies: Daragang Magayon and Sophie Sumner.

Sophie with her crew shooting Phil It Up at Cagsawa Park and Ruins.

What an incredible view! *wink!*

     The succeeding photos show how Sophie gets acquainted with abaca production and how local folks turn them into different products like the expensive pinukpok cloth and as raw material for handbags, accessories, and other handicrafts.

After being harvested and dried, abaca fibers are combed to remove tangles and impurities.

Sinamay and Pinukpok cloth are just some of the products that can be produced from
abaca fiber. Here, Sophie tries out the weaving machine.

Goofing around with the abaca fiber: "Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair!" LOL!

     PINUKPOK is produced by manually pounding or hammering abaca strands until you get the fine, smooth and silky fabric that's said to be three times stronger than cotton and silk fiber. The fibers are hand-woven or fed into a rotary machine on its own or mixed with cotton, silk, polyester or piña. Pinukpok is considered a high-end fabric and is exclusively used for high-end fashion.[4] Here, Sophie gets to know Pinukpok production in Albay and checks out some terno gowns made from Pinukpok fabric.

Sophie tries out a gown made from Pinukpok cloth.

Isn't she lovely? ☺

Here she is checking out some Karagumoy products a little later. Karagumoy (or screw pine) is
abundant in Cagraray Island and the dried leaves are used by locals to make handbags and
other accessories (such as what Sophie is holding on the photo).

    The Phil It Up team also visited Legazpi City, the town of Bacacay, and the famed Misibis Bay Resort in Cagraray Island.

     Now, check these behind the scene photos showing Mig Ayesa while shooting "Phil It Up" elsewhere in the Philippines. Grabbed the photos from his website[1]:
(tag: Mig Ayes BTS Phil It Up)
Mig Ayesa in Ananyana Beach Resort in Bohol.
Photo from

Scuba diving with giant sea turtles in Montigue Island, Camiguin.
Photo from

Jamming with a band composed of 6 tribes in Cagayan de Oro.
Photo from

Swimming with giant whale sharks in Oslob Cebu.
Photo from

     The photos are awesome, don't you think?


     In recent years, the Philippine government has given emphasis on tourism recognizing the ability of this sector to generate jobs and revenue for the country. Albay is one with this aspiration and given the resources that it abundantly has, tourism is certainly a bankable asset for the province. Under the leadership of Governor Salceda, the trends in tourism has shown significant progress over the years.[5] And now, being featured on a TV show that will reach global audience gives additional merit to this goal.

On a news from Bicol Mail:
"Salceda  is optimistic that this show will boost  the promotion of the province’s commerce and tourism potentials as it will give chance to showcase Albay’s top tourist destinations, mouth-watering food and delicacies, as well as its local products once the two-part travel show is aired worldwide along with the Philippines’ other famous vacation sites.[6]"
     Phil It Up is sure to open doors and opportunities for Albay and the whole country. Thank you Mig Ayesa, Sophie Sumner, and everyone behind the project for making Albay part of the show. I will feel proud watching Phil It Up as soon as it's aired. 

     Until my next wandering everybody! Tell me your thoughts on the comment section below.

*For updates from Governor Joey Salceda, follow him on facebook.
*Photos in this post are all grabbed from Governor Salceda's facebook page. Photos that were taken elsewhere have credits right below the picture.

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