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Chef's Quarter Megamall Branch

      Yo, what's up?

     It was a cool evening and I feel like eating my favorite comfort food so MPC (Yvette Yzon) and I scouted for a restaurant where we can get some pasta and pizza.  Then we wandered into this familiar place.
The Chef's Quarter Restaurant we visited is located at
Level 3 Mega Atrium at SM Megamall.
     Chef's Quarter hopes to deliver an eclectic dining experience with their Mediterranean inspired cuisine fused with regional favorites.  I adopted that description from their facebook page which I liked the first time I dined at Chef's Quarter a few years back.

     Anyway, I kinda miss their 'panizza' -- thus, that came first on our order...

Panizza with All Meat Toppings of pepperoni, salami, pork and beef bbq and three cheese - P290.00

     Panizza is Chef Quarter's thin crust dough coated with cheese sauce and cooked in brick oven.  All Meat toppings (our choice of toppings) is made of pepperoni, salami, pork and beef barbeque, and three cheese. You roll the panizza with lettuce, tomato and sprouts.  The combination is surprisingly good and refreshing. It's a medley of crunch that screams of cheese and delicious but subtle meat flavors in every bite.  It's really good and though it's an appetizer, I make it my main course. An order can serve at least 3 people. 


     For our pasta, we ordered the one that carried their name:  Chef's Quarter Pasta. We also had french fries and fruit shakes.

Chef's Quarter Pasta P220.00
     Chef's Quarter Pasta is fettuccine tossed in mild spicy vegetable pangritata with prawn. This is another favorite from CQ --  I enjoy their pasta everytime.

French Fries! P75.00

As thirst quenchers, we ordered Banana Shake P110.00 (for MPC) and
Cantaloupe (or Melon) Shake P110.00 (for me).
     For our dessert, we asked for their best sellers. Here's what they came up with:

CQ Surprise P130.00 - white chocolate cheesecake with brulee on top, bedded on crusted Oreo cookie.
Ube Blueberry Cheesecake P130.00.
     Whenever I dine and wanna try something new, I make it a habit to ask for their bestseller to give them the chance to impress me. The desserts were good, but not really outstanding. The ube cheesecake was sweet and creamy but just too heavy for my liking. I like the CQ surprise better. But even that is not that memorable.

     With 12% service charge, we paid a total of P1,192.80.  It was a meal well enjoyed.  Chef's Quarter's real strength is on their steaks -- which I probably will try some other time.

     Have you dined at Chef's Quarter?  Do suggest your favorite dish from this restaurant so I can try it out the next time I visit them.  Talk to me on the comments' section below.  Hope you enjoyed this post and see you on my next wandering!
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  1. looks really delicious.. and yeah, the desserts are kinda cool too.. :P

  2. WOW, I found my mate! :D

    Hahaha, familiar line? ;) Visiting you back Michael, followed you and listed your blog on my blogroll (badges & links), hope can do the same for me. :)

    BTW, CQ foods look yummy, esp. the panizza. I hope to try it one day. :)

    1. Hello, I've added your link already. Thanks btw for following my blog, also followed you back. ☺

  3. I'M HUNGRY :D

    I LIKE French Fries! P75.00 ^_^

  4. AAAAHHHHH!!! i'm sooo happy i just ate cuz those pictures looks soooo delish! remember myke, sharing is caring :D you need to send me some of those yummy foods you keep on posting haha!

    have a great week, well what's left of it!

    1. Haha, hey Vin! Have a great weekend.

  5. Hey, Myke!
    Wow, the weather here is too hot!
    I need to buy an air-conditional urgently rsrs
    The climate on our planet is increasingly crazy! Did you see Italy? Temperatures to - 40 º C! Where we end up? Warm regards! See you later!

  6. Myke!
    These dishes look really appetizing!
    I think you and your friends really know how to have fun, and especially know where to find the best restaurants.

    In Brazil, many people like to eat pizza to Fridays after work.
    And on Sunday is traditional eat pastas!
    Warm regards!

    1. Hopefully I can visit Brazil to experience your culture and enjoy your food. Thanks for visiting Clark!

  7. How are you 'Nongski?

    I love the yummy!

    1. Hey Ninong! I'm doing great, just a bit busy. Hope you're doing fine as well. ☺

  8. When you have a family your priorities change,but I miss malling and the nightlife with workmates and friends. Thank GOD for health and wealth that enable us to enjoy HIS gift of life to us.GOD BLESS, Tremendously ! JIA

    1. I agree with you Jia. And yes indeed, thanks to the Man upstairs for our good health and the unending blessings.

      Thank you for visiting, God bless you too!

  9. Awwww I love banana and melon shake too. Oh I bet all the foods that you ordered taste good!

  10. I'd like to order that pasta! look wonderful

  11. Food, I ♥ food ! (♒˙⌣˙♒)♥

  12. Hello and good week.
    Have a wonderful day.

  13. Hey, Myke!
    Here in Brazil invented the "food per kilo".

    Do not know if you also have this kind of restaurant in the Philippines?
    But the case is that Brazilians eat too much!
    Most people walk a little out of shape and weight ... rsrs
    Me too!... rsrs
    A big hug!

    1. Hey Clark! I'm not sure if we have that sort of restaurant here but I will certainly tell you if I find one around. Haha.

      But altho you say most Brazilians eat too much, many of the most goodlooking models are from Brazil!

  14. greeting for you
    good infrmatin in megamall
    succses for you

  15. Replies
    1. Thanks for the visit! And yeah, their pasta is nice.


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