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The Rumor Before Pacquiao-Marquez III

     While Manny is preparing for his  upcoming fight with Juan Manuel Marquez -- he also needs to prepare for yet another bigger fight of his life:  the ANNULMENT of his marriage with JINKEE PACQUIAO.

     According to the news from TODO! Entertainment website, Jinkee decided to annul her marriage with the pound for pound king because of the news scorching the headlines that Manny allegedly fathered a child with a certain Kat Ordoñez.  While we're not certain of the truth of this rumor yet, it can be remembered in a report from ABS-CBN that Manny's friend, Lito Camo, already denied that Manny is indeed the father of Ordoñez's baby.  The news of Manny having a child with Ordoñez caught on press when he and close friend Lito Camo stood as the baby's godfather last September 17 at the St. Francis of Assisi Church.

     The source from TODO! Entertainment said that the lawyers will work on the couple's annulment as soon as possible.  The source also added that Jinkee decided she no longer will have involvement in any of Manny's activities and needless to say, she also won't go to Las Vegas to witness Manny's fight against Manuel Marquez.

     Whatever the truth is, I still hope that Manny will emerge victorious in his forthcoming fight this November.  Who says sports is the same as marriage?  See you guys on my next wandering!

UPDATE November 01, 2011:  From, Pacquiao denies rumor that Jinkee wants an annulment.  In the report, Jinkee will be flying to Las Vegas on the 6th and will still be watching Manny's fight against Marquez on the 12th.  Also on Jinkee's itinerary is her business meeting with the socialite Paris Hilton.

*News taken from TODO! Entertainment
*Picture taken from Google Image search


  1. wow! This life of artists is really complicated! Have marriages that last little! Fame sometimes makes life very superficial!
    Have a great sunday!
    Best regards!

  2. Paternity/DNA test can prove it. Can he do it? Si Jinkee naman, pa annul na agad ng kasal? I can't believe that even boxer can have publicity, I thought only movie stars. Oh well, I am glad I am not popular, otherwise my life won't be as private as I want it to be :)

  3. good afternoon..wonderful posts you have here..keep them comin'


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