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Going To The Movies

     Going to the movies is one of the most effective ways to have fun even on the most boring day.  But what does it take to have a successful movie experience?  A few things actually:  a great movie (of course!), your favorite people (if you wanna tug along someone), your favorite snacks, AND! (putting on some heavy emphasis here) -- an excellent movie house.
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A. Bichara Silverscreens Entertainment Center
Magallanes corner T. Alonso St., 4500 Legazpi City, Philippines

     I was in Bicol from late March until third week of July and since there was nothing much to do at home, going to the movies on idle weekends has become one of my hobbies.  So folks, let me tell you about one of my favorite movie houses in the country and probably my most preferred cinema in the south.

Geographical location of A. Bichara Silverscreens Entertainment Center
courtesy of Google Maps.  (Click the image to enlarge)
A Little Background

     A. Bichara Silverscreens Entertainment Center houses three cinemas (Premiere 3D Cinema, Exclusive Cinema and Silverscreens 3) inside A. Bichara Mall located at Magallanes corner T. Alonso St., 4500 Legazpi City, Philippines.  I've been going to this movie house since my college days and it probably holds some of my fondest memories with friends and ahurmmm -- loved ones.  And this year during my vacation, I have grown exceptionally fond of their Premiere 3D Cinema, myself being a sucker for 3D movies.

A. Bichara Silverscreens Entertainment Center, Premiere 3D Cinema Lobby

The Premiere 3D Cinema Lobby

     The Premiere 3D Cinema lobby looks neat with it's very Asian design and cool lighting.  On the far end across the lobby is the snack bar where you can get some popcorn, chips and soda.  (My mom and I usually get coke floats and fries from Jollibee tho.  No offense to the snack bar, lol!)

The ticket booth for Premiere 3D Cinema, Exclusive Cinema and Silverscreens 3
The Price

     They have an impressive and updated movie line up and they show blockbuster movies the same date as their worldwide screening so you really won't miss much.  Imagine my surprise when I paid for my movie ticket when I watched Green Lantern on 3D last June.  A regular movie goer needs to spend only P200.00 to watch a 3D movie (the price is dependent on the movie, but this is the usual) and if the cinema is not packed full, you can watch as much as you can.  It's not block screening my friend!  The benefits of being in the province and having very few people, LOL!

Inside Premiere 3D Cinema

     The interior of the cinema is quite impressive.  With plenty of leg room and truly comfortable seats, they have made my movie experience satisfying every single time.  And if I may add, their luxurious seats are comparable to the seats inside IMAX theaters here in Manila, while you spend less (more than half the price actually) to enjoy watching a blockbuster movie in 3D.

I grabbed this photo from their facebook page taken during
Transformers:  Dark of the Moon's first week screening.

     One other cool thing about Premiere 3D Cinema is their state of the art sound system.  One of the best I've experienced so far.  The sound is crisp, clear and detailed.  I remember one particular explosion scene from Transformers: Dark of the Moon -- my Mom banged her head on the seat out of surprise because of the 3D effect enhanced furthermore by the tremendous explosion sound.  We had a great laugh out of that afterwards.

A 3DM gets a pre-owned 3D glasses and
exclusive discounts on the ticket prices.

     As far as I know, for only P500.00 locals may apply and become a 3DM.  This exclusive club provide their members with IDs and their own 3D glasses which comes with a free pouch and can be personalized with their names.  Valid for a year, members not only get to use their own 3D glasses (which they deposit at the counter at the end of the movie) but they also enjoy discount on their tickets.  Instead of paying the regular P200.00, members only pay P130.00 for their own ticket.  Awesome, right?

A. Bichara Silvercreens Entertainment Center Privilege Card

     They also gave me a Privilege Card which they stamp every time I buy a ticket.  The card says I get a free ticket on my 6th visit.  Another cool thing!

     If ever I'm back in the province, you'll probably see me with my mom queuing for ticket at the A. Bichara Silverscreens Premiere 3D Cinema.  I usually get a seat in the last row of the lower deck.  Gives me a bigger view of the screen like watching in an IMAX theatre, but not too big (like sitting in the front row) that I strain my neck or that I need to move my head left to right to see what's going on in the screen.

     So, if you are in the area or will have a vacation in Legazpi, don't forget to check this place out.  Besides, that same building is home for some of the more prominent hang out places in the city, like Bar 101. 

     Thanks for visiting The Pinoy Wanderer, and thanks for reading.  If ever you've visited A. Bichara Silverscreens Premiere 3D Cinema before, tell me about your movie experience on the comments' section below.  I would be delighted to read about them.  Until the next wandering!  See you at the movies!

*As indicated within the image, some photos are courtesy of Roy Magdaraog Photography and Dencio Photography.
*You can visit and like ABSEC's facebook page for more details.
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  1. so it is! Nice to know you are a fellow Bicolano. Mayad na aldao saimo :)

    1. Haha, yes I am. Good day to you too Abby! ☺

  2. it's good to know Bicol has this place pala! we have never seen anything like this in Bicol... we'll surely visit! thanks for blogging!

  3. yeah yeah! the premiere 3d cinema and the rest of the cinemas at Bichara Silverscreens as we fondly called the place are our (me & my friends and family/s) favorite... most of the movies are firsts and they have a smaller cinema with the biggest screen and the best acoustics you can really tell the every sound in every detail. we also have the best 3D experience there... it was Capt. America-- when we all duck and shouted at the same time because we thought the shield of capt america will all hit us!!! hahahahaha

    the best laughs, the best bonding...

    Am a 3Dmember by the way and a fan of their privilege cards lol! please don't take them away!!! hahaha

    and oh yes! BAR 101... the best and safest place to party nowadays!

    Kudos! A. Bichara Silverscreens Entertainment Center!

    1. Haha, when Capt. America was shown, I was already in Manila. Thank you guys for patronizing ABSEC.

  4. OMG!!! It is so nice, I would like to go there and tag along some friends too. I am proud of this!

  5. Wowwwwwwwwwwwwww!

  6. Hey, Mitchel!
    Wow! Do you live in a really cool place ... With many Possibilities of entertainment!
    Through their posts we get to know a few of these wonderful places.
    My sincere regards!
    The hug!

  7. nice post.. follow my blog please....
    and i will follow back... :)

  8. nice blog,, please visit my blog , thanks

  9. The best in Legazpi City!!! -jojo los baños

  10. nothing beats Bichara Cinemas... they're the BEST in the Philippines! World class seats, sounds, the best comfort while enjoying your favorite movies... when in the philippines my family enjoys an 8 to 10-hour bus trip from Manila to Legazpi just to watch a movie in Bichara before heading back to Brazil our home & we've been going back and forth for i think 3 times this year -sad that this is our last trip this year- but we're definitely going back... im a great fan... -ysabel-

    1. Hey ysabel, I say WOW for the effort. But if you're like me who enjoys long trips, then that's awesome. Too bad you're going home to Brazil soon.

      Take care!

  11. When did ABSEC opened its business in Legazpi? and what was the first movie shown?

  12. ABSEC opened October 18, 1998
    First Blockbuster Film shown THE MASK OF ZORRO


  13. other famous films shown on the first day: THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT MARY & SMALL SOLDIERS

    thanks again!

  14. i saw THE HOBBIT imax 3D in New years day...that's the 2nd time i've watched it,the 1st time in 2D.. but i'd like to watch it again like the TITANIC , i saw it 3 times in different months, that was long ago and i saw it again this year in 3D....oh how i love the scenic views of THE HOBBIT , the unending action ,,...the giant eagles ... the wizardry
    of Gandalf.....he mentioned , " true courage is knowing when , how not to kill your defeated enemy..."...!!!!i will never forget that!!! knowing true courage in life is knowing how to enjoy life and make the most out of it each day than not being contented of what you have when not everybody has experienced of what you have right now....,,,,,!!!!!


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