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Dads Ultimate Merienda Buffet

     Food is an important aspect of our lives that reaches across continents, ages and cultural differences.  It is an overwhelming force whose presence we simply cannot ignore.  Whether it is to celebrate something joyous like an anniversary, a birthday or a job promotion... or to forget a heartbreak or even when we're just bored, guess what?  We EAT! 

     As proof of the introduction, since this blog was created barely a month ago and has published five posts, three of the posts talked about food and dining.  And now, The Pinoy Wanderer will yet again  indulge you to one of my favorite hang out places if you're looking for affordable yet truly enjoyable food.

Dads Ultimate Merienda Buffet - P169.00

     Dads Ultimate Merienda Buffet costs P169.00 and happens everyday from 3-5 pm.  The Dads Restaurant that I frequently visit is located at 4th floor in Mega Mall just across The Atrium.  As far as I know, the merienda buffet includes:  biko (sweetened rice cake), camote-que (sweet potato deep fried in caramelized sugar), chocolate cake, dinuguan, ginataang halo-halo, lugaw (congee/arroz caldo), palitaw (rice dumplings), pasta (spaghetti and carbonara), pansit (palabok and bijon), puto (rice muffin), spring rolls (fresh lumpia and fried lumpia), tokwa't baboy (tofu and pork) and toron (banana fritter).  They also have mami, siopao and two of my favorites -- siomai (with lots of chilli oil) and fried siomai.

     They have recently added hamburgers, corn dog, french fries (in three flavors:  cheese, sour cream and plain), mini tacos, and shawarma.  And yeah, please don't forget to try out their cream puffs, they're awesome!

With my cousins taken way back 2008 when I still sport a curly hair.
I'm telling ya, I'm a frequent and seasonal diner at Dads.

A more recent pic taken last August 14 when I introduced a good friend to
 Dads Ultimate Merienda Buffet.  Wrote about about this on this post.

I'm with my brother this time, we got hungry so we went to Dads.

     Among the food choices, I highly recommend their siomai and the cream puffs.  Their pasta has improved since I was there a year ago.  It's not a top choice, but it's decently cooked.  I like their Pinoy merienda selection but you know what it is with Pinoy food, they're too heavy on the stomach!  They have nice fruit shakes too that aren't part of the merienda buffet but still are recommended.  My favorite is the buko pandan shake.

     Dads Ultimate Meriends Buffet is affordable and their fusion of Italian, Chinese and Pinoy food as merienda is great.  Though it is usually buzzing with people specially on weekends, the place is always organized, clean and the polite food attendants are always at your disposal.  The fondness I have for Dads often make me bring my friends there.  A cousin even celebrated her son's birthday at Dads upon our suggestion. 

     Have you been to Dads?  If yes, tell me about your experience and your favorite among the food selection on the comments' section below.  If you haven't yet, I recommend that you visit them.

        Until my next wandering!  See ya.
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  1. Sorry to say, but I haven't been there. That's a good price for a lot of food choices. Parang ang sasarap pa, basta food talaga, napapa comment ako eh. Sa Barrio Fiesta lang ako nakakapag meryenda kapag nasa Pilipinas ako, kasi yun lang ang malapit sa amin. I like Dinuguan and some other sweet dessert. When I was younger I can eat a horse, but now that I have this acid reflux and heartburn, I have to watch what I eat. kainis, kapag papatanda na, dami ng bawal, (may high blood pa) kaya watch ang sodium intake. grr.. Kapag nagbakasyon ako sa Pinas, puntahan ko yang Dad's na yan, ma sampolan ang mga foods nila :)

  2. Hello my friend Michael, I have translator, thank you very much for your visit, good weekend with peace & happiness. Hugs Valter.

  3. I always monitor my comments bro! How have you been? When I get some money in life, I am going to go on a tour of Asia and visit the Philippines. It's on my to-do list in life.

    I'll keep in touch. As for you, keep posting pictures of those pretty Filipino girls. It makes my day brighter :).

  4. Mommy Liz (1) - I'm sorry to hear about your acid reflux and heartburn. Take care of yourself, ok? And yeah, hope to see you one of these days at Dads!

    Cmte. Valter (2) - Thank you Valter.

    JC (3) - And I'll see to it that we go grab a beer when you visit my country. Take care buddy.

  5. Thank you very much my friend for your visit, happy new day with peace & successes. Hugs Valter.

  6. Cmte. Valter (5), Marco Walter (6) - Thank you guys for the visit. ☺

  7. nakakamiss na nga jan kumain, kailan kaya mauulit ito? hahaha 2008 pa ito ah.. 2016 na ngaun hahaha.


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